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Return to the source

Sometimes when I read too many blogs or look at too many magazines or watch too much fancy TV, I don't feel inspired -- I feel anxious, and overwhelmed, and sort of exhausted. I think it's important to protect your own creative energy by blocking everybody out, and returning regularly to the source -- the materials of your craft, and your own two hands. I must block out some of the pressure of overstimulation. (via Alicia Paulson's entry at her blog)

I agree.

Return to the source of whatever truly inspires you.


So very true... thanks for sharing these thoughts and the link... :) I miss you sweetie!!!

Thank you for this, Janet. It's funny becuase i'm feeling exactly this way, right at this very moment and i came to your blog (because it's always so delightful and makes me happy) to find these words.
it's helpful to know that others feel this way, too.

hugs to you, Sweet Friend!

ugh-this feeling defintely comes and goes for me. More often than not I've felt this way lately. I noticed my blog was becomning more and more of a giant commercial than a vehicle for the thoughts and ideas goin on in my head. Ive been taking lots more breaks from commenting and reading lately-and that helps. I've made the decision to stop reading mags for awhile, too. Not that I love the film "american beauty" but there is definitely the part about someone saying "sometimes there is just oo much beauty"-yeah-so feel you on this-thanks

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