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The family name


I've been going through a lot of family photos and historical information regarding the Japanese side of my family and discovered yesterday that my great-grandfather's surname was "Nakabayashi." I'm not sure if he was the great-grandfather who was a samurai, but I hope to find out. My maternal grandfather was born about 15 years after the Meiji Restoration was complete, so both my grandparents' families would have lived during the time of the Tokugawa Shogunate. My mother spent the first part of her childhood in Fujisawa (Kanagawa Prefecture) and her young adult years in Ikenoue (Setagaya-ku) Tokyo. From July 1946 to October 1946 (occupied Japan), she was enrolled in Matsumoto Dressmaking School. From October 1947 to February 1948, she worked as an interpreter at the Prince Shimazu House. She met my Dad sometime in 1950 and they were married in Tokyo in January 1951. She left Japan by ship with my father, departing from Yokohama and didn't return to Japan until 1985.

A few years ago, I was reading some knitting folklore regarding the various occupations samurai undertook when they were relieved of their duties during the late 1800's. Apparently one of the things samurai did for income was knit. Interesting indeed.


I hadn't pulled up your blog in a couple of days so I didn't know you were home. Welcome home!! I know you have been through so much, and am anxious to visit in person. Remember to take care of yourself too! I love that picture of your mom! I love the history too. See you soon,

It's a family tradition. How neat tho!

How wonderful to have that information...

I also find it more than interesting, it is somehow comforting to think of these things ancestors did carried on all these years and lifetimes later!

First of all, BEAUTIFUL photo of your Mom! Thanks for sharing your family history. Can't wait to hear what else you find in your search.

I love that you know so much about your grandparents and parents, and it's so interesting. Have you been to Japan?
Glad you are home, you sound positive.

What a beautiful picture! I love old black and whites.

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