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A few finds

In the process of catching up on blog reads, I've hit a few of my favorites and discovered some fun and helpful randomness:

Nobody rocks the Pantone Color Forecast quite like Bonne Marie:

Bonne Marie's PF

And Yahaira's Toe-up vs. Cuff-Down "dragon-scale" socks feature a visual of two sock-knitting methods side-by-side. She also shared a link to this helpful little gem: chart creator (hint: click "example" to see how it works).

From And Knitting, Amy linked to Danny Gregory's site and this entry.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's observations about Oklahoma were hilarious (the wind is the deal-killer for me . . . I don't miss it one bit). She'll be in Austin this weekend and of course, I won't be able to be there, but others will and I can't wait to hear what they have to say!

Typically, I don't have enough time to read through the hundreds of comments some of the well-known knitbloggers receive, but I've noticed a strange tendency lately on some big-name blogs for the commenters to get a little bit negative and passive-aggressive in what they write. I guess the assumption is that if one reads a blog for a few years, she thinks she KNOWS the blogger based on photos, blog entries, etc. From "that wouldn't look good on you" (how do you know that . . . really?) to "I could never afford to knit with xxxx yarn" (who asked you?) to "that would make you look stumpy and short-legged" (and the blogger asked for your opinion?) and of course, one of my biggest pet peeves is something that sounds like a variation of one or more of these, "my sister's friend knit with that yarn once and it's not my color" or "my daughter/mother/aunt likes pink" or "I don't knit with animal fibers" (so what?) I suppose some commenters cannot refrain from drawing attention to THEMSELVES in the comments section of a blog?

I think I need to go back to my practice of not reading others' blog comments.


Ha! I so hear you. While I don't mind "constructive criticism" from people who frequent my blog often, I find it irritating when people who lurk suddenly come out with some sort of indirect attack thinly disguised as a comment. I see through these right away, and the only thing I can think is, "Someone's issues are waaaay showing".

*giggle* I hate to imagine if someone did that here. ;)

Thanks so much to the link with one of your knitting compadre's experience in Oklahoma. What a fun read! My mom and I laughed and laughed. The convection oven reference... perfect! :)


Ok, I will now forever be neurotically paranoid about the comments I leave. Ugh. ;-) I think some commenters feel like they are adding on to a "conversation" and so they are just adding their part. I've seen debate in the Blogosphere for years - is it one sided and people "listening" to what you have to say, or are they "talking" with you. If they were talking, then a comment like "oh, I love that color but it doesn't look good on me" or "my daughter loves pink" is in line. But the "that won't look good on you" thing? Well, I would never say that to a friend unless she asked my opinion, and even then I would be hesitant. So I wouldn't say it on someone's blog!

I'll be sure to take a sock photo with the Harlot, just for you!

I lived in OKLA City for six years during grade school - I remember the wind! OMG! The dust storms! I sing "Oklahoma" whenever I want to embarrass my 10 year old. Terrible, I know.

Oh. I guess I just drew attention to myself. Not my intention - just sharing a memory. :o)

The sociodynamics of knitting blogs has fascinated me for several years now. If I needed to do a thesis, what a goldmine of possibilities! On the "big name" blogs, I wonder if some commenters are trying to find a way to stand out from the crowd. And some of the bloggers who receive that number of comments seem to dish out a lot of criticism themselves in their writing. It makes commenters think it's okay. But mostly what I read is positive and generous in spirit. Like you. :)

Interesting observation about comments. I usually don't read comments - I have enough trouble just reading the number of blogs I want to read! I think the phenomenon you mention is related to that one finds in audiences at a speaking event, during question and answer sessions. There always seems to be at least one person who isn't so much asking a question or sharing an observation about the topic to hand as basically saying "me me me me me me." I also wonder if part of the commenting thing is an attempt to establish credibility, by showing knowledge/relationship to the topcs at hand?

Thanks for such a thought provoking post - obviously, you helped me cyrstallize some of my thoughts on the matter. :D

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