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I'm emerging from focused effort and thought and things are getting back to normal. Cleaning, clearing and organizing has helped as did immersing myself fully in the things that inspire ME. I really do enjoy seeing what inspires others and I think that's why I am drawn to knitters' and artists' blogs in the first place. But I'm not in a hurry, not rushed. I'm digging deeper in to the things I've been wanting to learn. I'm learning to be a more intuitive knitter and not relying so much on the written pattern, but understanding more and taking notes. I personally prefer blogs where the writer shares his/her source of inspiration and product acquisitions, and who shares with me some photos and decision-making process. And because *I* like blogs like that, I try to share every detail here as well.

I've enjoyed Mason Dixon Knitting (the book itself) since I purchased it a few months ago, but picking it up this week yielded new discoveries (there's no way to ever be truly 'finished" with this book). It's not the patterns themselves that intrigue me . . . it's the underlying theme: "the curious knitter's guide." I'm definitely that! I like Greetings from Knit Cafe for the same reasons. Knitting can be simple and not fussy or precious; it can help you discover untapped creativity. So I am keeping these books nearby.

I now have two new links in my sidebar - to knitting blogs and my favorite free knitting patterns. I'll be updating these more frequently now that it's more efficient to do so.


Oh I love Decor8. Fab blog and Flickr.

Good to hear that things are getting back to normal and that you are finding things that inspire you without being rushed.

A lot of what you say today resonates with me. That's the reason I'm having a blog break, to focus on organising my stuff and find my knitting voice again :)

Your redesign is looking GREAT. And your recent posts are really terrific; it is so important to be sure to focus on our own creativity while we admire everyone else's!

I just got the Mason Dixon book last week, and it's really great. I think it's going to be one I keep close to me too.

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