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Knitting Without Tears

I keep Elizabeth Zimmermann books on my bedside table to read before drifting off to sleep and last night while I had socks on my mind, I read this, "K2, P2, rib is one of the best stitches for socks, as it is so elastic that it clings to legs and ankles, and tends to stay up and not wrinkle. So cast on sufficient stitches to reach comfortably around ankle and/or instep, seeing to it that they are divisible by four, distribute them on three needles, and rib a long enough piece for the leg."

I love E. ZImmermann's breezy but opinionated (and deservedly so) writing style. Reading this last night helped me make a decision about the socks I started the other night -- that is, whether to keep the K2,P2 ribbing throughout or knit in stockinette after a 2" cuff. Since this is another pair for my husband, I'm keeping them ribbed. Thanks, E.Z.

Incidentally, this is the book in which you can find her Seamless Sweater and her famous percentage system for knitting a sweater without a pattern. The modular Tomten jacket is also in here (knit in garter stitch throughout or as E.Z. writes, "contains not one stitch of purl.")

And my favorite knitting quote is in this book as well:

"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either."

And since she's not one to make bold statements without expanding on them a bit, she also said, "If you hate to knit, why, bless you, don't; follow your secret heart and take up something else. But if you start out knitting with enjoyment, you will probably continue in this pleasant path."

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The book you reference is probably one of my favorite knitting books. I too, have it close at hand, and refer to it often. Thanks for sharing, great minds think alike.:-)

I'm glad to be reminded about this book, I should read it again, so many gems in it. I am knitting simple 2X2 ribbed socks for my little boy and I am so glad EZ recommends it :)

I just had to comment because I was reading that same book last night right before I dozed off! I love it! I linked to your site from the Fetching KAL. I am working on my second glove...they are fun and fast! :)

I love reading EZ! And I favor K2 P2 rib because of that same statement. :)

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