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New Photoblog

I've been wanting to add a photoblog to my site, so when I was asked if I'd like to try one out, I said yes. It's a perfect place for me to put my "knitting inspiration" photos. These aren't necessarily the best photos I take and it's possible there's nothing special about them to anybody but me. However, I do want to share them with those of you who might enjoy getting a glimpse of the projects or yarns that inspire me. I read some excellent blogs and one of the things I enjoy the most about knitting blogs are your photos! Occasionally, I just wish the photos were larger; so what I want for my own photoblog is a simple, knitting- or fiber-related inspirational large photo. This doesn't replace my Flickr, it just serves a different purpose for me. Sometimes I just want to share something without writing an entire blog about it.

Click here to see the new photoblog: Twisted Knitter Photoblog

What's next for me? A podcast perhaps?


Neat photoblog! (and socks, and all the other stuff I have been too busy chasing my tail to comment on)

And speaking of the socks, what needle size and gauge are you using with the LL? (Curious because it looks like you're getting a great fabric with them, not too tight, not too loose)

Yes, yes! Please, a podcast. I'd love to tune in to Twisted Knitter in voice.

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