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Another dishcloth entry

My daughter knit her first dishcloth using this pattern; she caught on to the pattern immediately and finished her dishcloth the same day. I've noticed that she's a much faster knitter than I am (she just learned to knit last fall). She's not a "process" knitter but a very intense results-oriented knitter. I don't think I could enjoy knitting as much as I do if it made me tense or nervous.

Elmore-Pisgah Peaches & Creme, Lemon-Lime


For a new knitter, this dishcloth pattern is a great way to learn YO (yarn over) and K2tog (knit two together) as increase/decrease methods. Materials can be purchased at your nearest hobby or discount store -- the yarn and supplies won't set you back more than $5 (USD). Knitting is accessible to anybody who wants to learn.


I like the dishcloth in that color. It looks so fresh and clean. I've done a few in that pattern with Crystal Palace cotton chenille.

What a great job - but then of course - she had a great teacher! Love that lemon/lime!

I like the new look here!! Really nice!

Janet, E did a beautiful job with the dishcloth. I love the bright, cheery colors! Her stitches are perfect and even, just like her Mom's.

I learned to knit on dishcloths. I bought tons of Lily Sugar'nCream and two pattern books and knit away. I still knit a dishcloth every once in a while - total instant gratification.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new look of your blog! It's GAH-GEOUS, DAHLINK! ;)


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