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Purl Soho Cedar Stripe Sock #2 Progress

I'm on the second sock of the striped pair of socks I've been working on:



There's a subtle difference in these colors from the same dyelot, but I like it. In general, I still enjoy the custom-colored striping yarns in spite of the crap-shoot that is Lorna's Laces hand-dyed yarns. You just really never know how much or how little Lorna's Laces will pool, so I've decided to think of it as charming (and if I had any OCD tendencies, the quirky yarn would drive me over the edge).

As much as I am really itching to work on something more substantial -- a more challenging knitting project, I am totally unable to do that right now. However, there is immense comfort in sock-knitting and it's easily transported, so that's ideal for me during my rapidly-diminishing summer.

A big thank you to my readers for not taking personally anything I said in my blog entry yesterday regarding the dynamics of blog commenting. I enjoy all my comments and commenters and try to reply to each one of them. When a knitter asks questions regarding projects on my blog, or knitting questions in general, I take the time to craft a response as soon as I possibly can. I knit and blog because I enjoy it and I will continue to have a knitting blog as long as I'm knitting. And truly, It's a miniscule part of my blog readership that aren't knitters. The rare comments that frustrate me are typically from non-knitters who stop by and that's when I use my comment moderating power. This blog and its comments will possibly outlast me and I still consider a well-placed, constructive comment to be a gift of a reader's effort and time. So, thank you.


I completely agree with your comments about comments. My philosophy on commenting subscribes to that age old saying...if you don't have something nice to say...unless, of course, the blog is about politics, religion, or anti-chocolate.

So, what would you consider to be a challenging knitting project? I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Love that colorway. The socks look very comfy.

Now I am a little paranoid about what I say, but I agree. I had a bad experience when someone asked about a sweater and I gave my honest opinion. I felt horrible afterwards. That was a long time ago. Now I know better. Or so I hope.

Very pretty color! I love the cedar shade. It truly *is* the color of cedar. I can almost smell it! :)

love the subtle neutrals and striping.

socks are such a portable simple satisfying knit - that energizes you for the next big knit...

I like what you've said about commenting...tolerance is a good thing.

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