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Sock Study

Okay, I am just not content to believe that cuff-to-toe on DPN's is the best method of sock-knitting, but it is definitely my preferred method. I've tried magic loop and I'm definitely intrigued by toe-up knitting and short-row heels. In the end, however, what I know is that until I'm face to face with total dissatisfaction in the way I am knitting socks, I'll continue the old-fashioned way -- 5 sticks, some sock yarn and immediately commencing with long-tail cast-on and some ribbing.

Priscilla Gibson-Roberts prefers toe-up knitting ("most of the time," as she says in Simple Socks Plain and Fancy). She also writes, "But when it comes time to replace the toe, or the whole foot for that matter, having knitted your socks from the top has its advantages. You can just pull the yarn and watch the stitches go. If you have started at the toe, you will have to pick out the stitches of a full round to separate the pieces, then pick up the stitches and work down."

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a heel to turn.

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What's your favorite dpn for socks? I started with Clover bamboo and now use Crystal Palace bamboo - shorter, stronger (Clovers bent after one pair!) and sharper. I'm itching to try out others, though.

I have some links in my sidebar to my favorite toe-up cast on and to my favorite generic toe-up sock pattern, which has a gusset and heel flap. Since I have long feet, toe-up is really the only sensible way for me to go, unless I have a very, very large skein of sock yarn. :)