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A completed pair and more finishing

Cedar Stripe

I've spent an inordinate amount of time blogging this simple, humble pair of socks (knit for myself), but they're finished. Although the actual knitting was finished last week, I had the toe to graft and I always like to wait until I have my earbuds in and I'm listening to music to tune out distractions. I can do the grafting without written instructions now and that was a goal of mine. I grafted a toe on the Mountain Colors "Wilderness" Bearfoot sock. The colors and the knitting experience are just amazing with this yarn. Granted, I haven't yet found a sock yarn I dislike, but this tops my list for a basic sock yarn and it's a great choice for a quick pair of socks for a gift.

I also finished the few rounds and bind-off remaining on the One Day Wristwarmers I started last year (pattern can be found here). It's a finishing frenzy around here; I've freed up 3 sets of DPN's today.

One-day wristwarmers

Strangely, I've been dreaming of knitting stockings so I'm considering doing that sometime. No, I don't need them . . . I just WANT them. It might be the ideal project to work on when I'm needing something to relieve the worry and nervousness I've had while my daughter is driving. On her own. Without me. Can you imagine if I documented it like this and this while knitting stockings?

The Irish Hiking Scarf is now within a foot of being finished and it's been amazing at helping me to relax the past few days. I really need to free the needles on this one, so that's my motivation for finishing it as soon as I can.


Is there intentional irony in "One Day Wristwarmers" and "started last year"? Good job on the socks.

Congrats on all the FOs! Wow, driving on her own... I can understand the anxiety. Hang in there. :)

Yay for finished items. They both look great.

It's a good thing you have your knitting. Don't forget to breath!

Ha! "One Day Wristwarms I started last year"!!!!

Three sets of empty DPNs? I know what that means...

Those socks look wonderful, Janet. Have you seen the stockings in the latest Rowan? I think they are beautiful and they made me want to knit stockings myself!

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