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Attention to detail

WARNING: It's a somewhat non-knitting related post

So yesterday, I was reading the fine print in our credit card statement, the credit card we've had for over six years and use for business expenses. Due to an untimely oversight probably on MY part, we went slightly over our limit while awaiting said business expense reimbursement and Wachovia/MBNA happily jacked our interest rate up to 24.99%. I know it's probably something I agreed to allow them to do at some point and figured we'd never find ourselves over the limit . . . but holy cow! 24.99%

We quickly transferred that balance to another card and will be cancelling Wachovia/MBNA's crummy little VISA forever. And you know, it was good that I was paying attention because I started to think I should look through ALL of the areas in which there is a potential we are being nickeled and dimed to death. I found a few MORE things that probably on their own might not amount to much, but when combined, I could have a tidy little amount to spend on MORE YARN every month. (Kidding . . . sort of).

And because I tend to do this in cycles, I began to then think of my approach to time management and how I'm apt to let things slide to the point that before long, I find myself "escaping" from the responsibilities that I'm supposed to have. I have incredible self-discipline when I am functioning with a level of awareness and focus on higher goals (i.e. give me some structure and a purpose and I can do amazing things), but open-ended time has dulled the edge a bit. I'm not going to stop blogging or slow down my knitting, but I am going to pay more attention to some things and look at them more closely.


I do this every 2-3 months when the bills come in, instead of just paying them, I scrutinize the rates etc, and often times a simple phone call threatening to walk away will get them to drop the rates. How annoying is it though that I HAVE to do that? I mean if they are going to give me my old rate back ANYWAY, why put us both thru the hassle? But I suppose for everyone one of us who actually looks, hundreds (if not more) just pay it and don't complain. Sad, but true!

Good post, and good find! Said credit company has now found itself forever on our OFFICIAL boycott list, and a note is in their permanent file.

Excellent!! You have now inspired me to do some research on transferring our CC balance!! 24.99% that is just wrong! Nice you fired that company!

We had a credit card do that recently for similar reasons. We called them and gave them an option - lower the rate back to what it was or we were transferring the balance. They lowered the rate back down. I'm keeping an eye on them now!

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