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DPN Comparison / Review

Elizabeth asked in my comments which DPN's I prefer and after considering it for a while, I'd have to say that I like them all for different purposes. Brittany Birch are likely to snap at smaller diameters (US Size 1 or 0's), but I like the shorter DPN's they offer.

I'm really impressed with the sharp tips of the Crystal Palace bamboo, but I'm not happy with their length. They are at least an inch too long to knit socks with comfortably. The Clover bamboo seem to be what I have the most of and it's what we carry where I work, so I'm likely to just keep buying and using them. I have no complaints about them other than their somewhat blunt tips and the tendency with the Size 1's to "bend" or "bow" a bit.

DPN Comparison

DPN Comparison

I'm still experimenting and I'll buy and use Size 1's (2.25 mm) whenever I encounter something new and affordable. Yarns behave differently on different needles and it's a matter of figuring out what's most comfortable. Blue Sky Alpacas now offers a set of shorter (5") DPNs in a metal tin. I'll buy a set and let you know what I think. (UPDATE: Mystery solved. Crystal Palace makes 8" and 6" DPNs and I have the 8").

I'd love to hear about which DPNs you all use and love!
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I can't imagine knitting socks on 8" needles. Even using the 7" Clovers after the 6" CP is awkward. Can't wait for the Blue Sky review! (I'm going to *try* to hold off buying some for now).

Clover Bamboo seems to be the best for me so far.

Alas, I rarely use DPNs. I mostly have Brittanies, for those situations in which I can't avoid DPN use. I have some small guage metal DPNs for picking up gusset stitches, since my Addi Turbos don't do so well with that.

Oh, my god...I got so excited when I read about the Blue Sky Alpacas dpns, only to find out they are $28. Yeah, OK. I won't be getting them.

I have had some Britanny 1s break and have some 0s that will never be used for that same reason.

I use Clovers, but could live without them bowing so much.

And I recently got a set of short Crystal Palace 1.5s that I am dying to try.

So far, the Clovers are winning.

Thanks for the dpn review. The crystal palace ones are catching my attention, with their pointier ends.

well, I have metal ones - but I have never used them before (yet)... and they were hand-me-downs. I recently purchased the "Clover Bamboo" DPN's to use when I make my socks. I am hoping the ChiaGoo makes DPN's - and if they do - I plan on ordering some. I really love their needles. xxx

I only use dpns for knitting mittens or hats, and I don't have a wide variety over here. I like Clovers and I also have quite a lot of the needles sold at La Droguerie. They're bamboo, sturdy and work pretty well for me.

My fave DPNs? The NOT DPN kind ;-) I'm a magic loop girl thru and thru! Generally Addi's but for those times when a sharp point is a must, Inox is my choice.

Thank you all for your input on DPNs. I've tried and rejected the Blue Sky Alpaca DPNs (too expensive without a lot of true bang for the buck other than the cute little tin).

ChiaGoo does make bamboo DPN's in 5, 6, 8, and 10". i just got a sample pack from them yesterday and they look lovely! the plastic packaging isn't as nice as the clover packs, but they look just as nice (especially the ones with the darker patina)and i think they're cheaper. the 5" dpns look a lot like the brittany's (but in bamboo, of course). haven't tried them yet...

I've worked with the Clovers in 2.75mm and 2mm 7", BB in 2.25mm 5", and CP in 2.5mm 6". I'm leaning strongly toward the Crystal Palace needles so far.
I've worked more with Clovers than any others just out of availability but the 7" length annoys me and seems to up my chances of laddering. The points are acceptable but more blunt than I'd care for on the 2.75mm.
The Brittany needles are nice enough. The relatively high stick-factor on their surface calmed any concerns I had about the short length being an issue with stitches escaping the needles or anything like that. The softness makes them pretty gentle but to me they feel a bit too 'squishy' and they don't feel very durable. I also found the blunt, almost taperless tips annoying. I do get lovely fabric with them but they're not as pleasant to knit with. And they smell like tongue depressors. Heh.
I love the points of the CPs and the nice density... flexible but firm. I think I also like the 6" length best. I'm eager to pick up some 2.25 and 2.0mm CPs to see if I'm as fond of them. Hopefully soon since I find the 7" length of my Clovers nearly unbearable now. :P

for me, though they're not always the preferred needle, i do like clovers very much! and, they recently introduced 5" dpns :)
i bought two sets today (in the US 0 and 1 ) and hope to swatch with them soon. i have high expectations for them, because the only thing that has let me down, in terms of clover, is their (previous, and still available) 7" length.
i like the crystal palace 6" dpns very much. and i've tried the lantern moon "sox stix" (5" and $$). but the clovers retail for $7.75. yay!

Hi there folks, my faves are some 10" long aluminium DPNs left to me by my great aunt Edith. Despite some of the comments here about longer needles being cumbersome, I find them quite the opposite as you can rest them on your wrist when knitting. I have 2 pairs - 2.5mm and 3mm. Unfortunately yesterday one of the 2.5s went missing, I am deeply disappointed! Apart from scouring ebay, does anyone know where I can get hold of a set of modern aluminium DPNs of a similar length?