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Electronic Knitting Tools

I'm still working on the Irish Hiking Scarf and continue to lose my cable needle. Typically, I place needles behind my ear when I'm not using them (that is, cable needles and DPNs - not circs or straights!) It took me about 45 minutes to find the cable needle that was apparently in my hair when I went to bed last night.

B&W Cables

I purchased and downloaded a great new tool that I've been trying as a demo for the past couple of months: Countable. I didn't know it existed until I was reading about it here last year. It works great on a Palm Treo 650 and at $5.95 (US), it's affordable -- costs about the same as a conventional click-type counter.

In addition, I make frequent use of my Adobe Reader for Palm OS. Most of the patterns I purchase for download are sold as .pdf's. I open the .pdf and save a copy to my virtual desktop. I can then "drag" the file to my Adobe Reader and it'll be on my Treo the next time I run a hot sync operation (which I try to do daily).

Does every knitter need a PDA? Probably not, but now that I have one, I don't think I could ever live without one. Mine's great for photos on the fly (not excellent quality, but passable -- see above) and I can shoot a short video if I need to.

Typically, each sock I am working on is a task in MS Outlook on my laptop. I synchronize my tasks with my PDA so that I have specific notes about each sock in progress (number of stitches cast on and number of stitches picked up for the gusset, for example). As long as I have my phone with me, I have all my knitting notes. I've considered using a traditional knitting journal but would hate to have to carry it with me in my purse. This is a workable solution for me and I've now got identical copies of everything that's knitting-related on my laptop and phone.

Here are some helpful resources for knitters who use PDA's:

Palmsource "Knitting" article by Jaya Srikrishnan
Nancy's Knit Knacks
Notes regarding using Sweater Wizard with a PDA

Not every knitter is a gadget gal, but since I am, I find mine to be incredibly handy.


I find this to be very informative. UNFORTUNATELY - My Palm (m100) is probably too old for these new features. Rats!

thats hilarious about the cable needle in your hair and falling asleep...

I love the anecdote about the needle in your hair. I use one of those curvy cable needles and I tend to hook it on the neckband of my top. Sometimes I'll forget it's there and walk around like that!

Heeheee.. I had a good laugh imagining someone keeping circs behind their ear when not in use!

I'm glad you didn't jab anything important while you were asleep!

I love my PDA - I don't use CountAble much, but I completely rely on KnitAble.

It's great that you're using your Treo for knitting. I love electronic gadgets. I'm hoping to switch to the Treo in December. -I thought I might suggest backing up your knitting notes with a storage card. In the short time I used my Palm I never had problems but I've lost all my knitting notes on my iPAQ and it's not good.

Good that you found your needle! I think it is really great how you can integrate modern gadgetry with an ancient art!

Actually, at $5.95 I think it costs less than most counters. What a great tip - I'm adding it to my "future show notes" right now!

hi there,

just a suggestion (in case your needle will be lost forever):