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Enough orange already?

Have you had enough of my orange obsession yet?

Irish Hiking Cables

I pulled out the Irish Hiking Scarf to work on yesterday. I set it aside back when all the stuff started happening with my parents. But when I finished my Purl Soho custom-colored (Cedar Stripe) socks yesterday, I wanted something "worsted" to work on and the cabled knitting moves along oh-so-nicely while we watch movies. I'm now at the halfway point and it's knitting up fast on my Addi Turbos.

I've been in this orange / rust / persimmon / pumpkin phase and I don't see any signs that I'll stop grabbing orange yarn to knit with. For my basic wardrobe, I'm definitely a neutrals gal, but I love kicky and colorful accessories to jazz things up. Orange just looks wonderful with denim.

It's at the halfway point now. I'm shooting for 60" (152 cm) and it's right about 30" now (76 cm):

Irish Hking Scarf Progress

And now it's time for buttered popcorn, a chick flick and more Irish Hiking.


I will never complain about the use of such a pretty color *S* I love fall flavors and the Irish Hiking Scarf is such a great looking item in just about ANY color...

This shade of orange is my colour, but I don't have anything in orange, hmmm. I'm a neutrals girl myself so I like the idea about colourful accessories. Definitely something to remember when knitting scarves.

I'm in exactly the same orange / rust / persimmon / pumpkin phase that you mentioned, these colors are just the most gorgeous ever! And so is your scarf, it looks fantastic, especially with this color, and I'm way impressed by your cabling, it looks so neat and clean and... perfect! Great job!

Tired of this orange? Nev-ah, my dear.

I am really impressed with the mega longness of that scarf. You deserve lots of buttered popcorn and many a good chick flick!

Do the two days of "winter" there get cold enough for a scarf? I love the color!!!

I love the orange. Keep up the orange. Your scarf is looking really great.

What movie did you watch? :)

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