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Reminiscing earlier knits - Sophie felted bag

I've been cleaning up (and backing up) some of my knitting photos (digital). I started with my 2004 knitting projects (I didn't start knitting until December 2003) and am working forward. I can look at an old photo and remember specific things that made me literally sweat remembering the difficulties I might've been having. Kitchener stitch? It totally eluded me and defeated me each and every time I attempted it and I had nightmares about it. But now . . . somehow . . . I can kitchener (i.e. graft) without sweating. How did this happen? I totally don't know. I can't remember the moment I got it, and the miracle that is felting has erased and blurred my early attempts to graft i-cord handles to a Sophie bag, for instance. I knit and felted 8 Sophies and never did a proper kitchene stitch of the handles. But now, with socks, I don't have issues. I do need a book and some quiet, but I can do it.

The single amazing TRUTH to come out of all this knitting -- the thing never attempted is the thing never mastered.

Sophie #3 - before felting

Sophie #3 - after felting


:D I remember your Sophies from 'way back when.' You've knitted some excellent sophies, girlie. I've never knitted one... gah!

That is true. The more I knit and challenge myself, the better knitter I become.

Wow, 8 sophies huh? I did 3 and thought it was alot LOL

Amazing how these things that fluster us forever suddenly just work, huh? I remember struggling with kitchener for several things and then suddenly - WHAMMO - the lightbulbs went off. Such a nice feeling.

What a beautiful and dainty bag! You have a wonderful taste for vibrant colors.

As the proud owner of a Sophie (did I get #1? As a prize for the "The first person to find me some Black Jewel popcorn wins Sophie!" contest?) I can attest to the fact that they're lovely little bags. Mine gets compliments whenever I carry it. :)

"Is that FELTED? did you MAKE it?" they'll ask.

"Nahhh... it was a PRIZE!"


I remembers these! I will have to try one of these soon too.

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