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Santa Fe Ruana begun

I wasn't planning to start this ruana yet, but I was fortunate enough to go to the Knit-Along at Twisted Yarns today. I'm glad I did -- there were several little tweaks and tricks I learned that will help this project go smoothly. I also needed help deciding on the sequence for the colors. While I think it's turning out a bit "brighter" than I envisioned when I chose the colors, I am pleased enough with it and hopeful that the finished product won't look clownish. I was aiming for a South American-inspired color palette and if I achieve that, I'll be happy.


I have another finished pair of socks to share and a wonderful sock yarn acquisition, but since school started last week, I'm just a tiny bit behind on the blog posting.


When I went to fill out my paperwork and be fingerprinted for subbing, the ladies in the office loved my booga bag and had to touch it and hold it and talk about the kind of yarn you used, etc... They said to tell you it is WONDERFUL.

Love the colours. I wouldn't have thought of combining red with forest green, but it goes together very nicely. I have a multicolour wool poncho that I wear in my aircond office, and it's the one thing that keeps me warm when it gets ridiculously cold.

I love the colors in your ruana. Please share the tips you learned today. I was not able to attend the knit along today, because I had to take my mother-in-law for out patient surgery. I have almost finished the second panel, but am not sure how to do the color changes in the mitered square. Any ideas?

OK, now which Ruana looks so beautiful and texture-y as the little piece you shoed above... I followed your link and got a definition of ruana, But, no image of the one you are creating...

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