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Last minute knitted thoughts

My little project from Last-Minute Knitted gifts isn't going so well. My gauge is so incredibly loose (on the recommended needle size and using the Alpaca Silk yarn called for) that if I were to put anything gifty into the bag, you could see right through to the contents. To give myself a break and some distance from its imminent frogging, I started something else with some leftover sock yarn. Again, my gauge is so loose that I think this would fit Chaos. Odd how my formerly-tight gauge has loosened up so dramatically.

At times like this, picking up and knitting on a sock is soothing, so therefore, that's what I'm doing. While I knit socks, I can deal with whatever it is that I've been avoiding thinking of and mentally deal with it. Giving away or selling my parents' things has been both upsetting and cathartic. It's upsetting when choices and decisions are yanked away from me and things are carelessly tossed. It's cathartic when I can put together missing pieces and lost information. And when all is said and done, It's interesting to learn what is really important to both my parents, to hear their stories and their memories. Consequently, most of the focus in my own life lately is that I don't want to leave behind a mess (hopefully in the FAR future) for anybody to have to deal with. Change can come suddenly.

Red Tail Hawk Mountain Colors Bearfoot

I'm considering buying Quicken to replace Microsoft Money. Our bank is upgrading their online banking and will enhance the functionality of integrating with personal finance software. Since I'm the one who does our income tax return every year, I think Quicken will work well for me.

In knitting-related news, I'm excited about the workshop I get to take early next year with Nancy Bush. I'll miss out on the retreat in Galveston, but I'm thrilled to get to make it to her Knitting Estonian Lace workshop (hosted by the shop).

The Santa Fe Ruana was set aside for a while last week, but it's coming along nicely with no danger of imminent frogging.

Santa Fe Ruana Progress as of 9/7/06


Oh, a workshop with Nancy Bush?? you lucky lucky girl!

Oh, I would hate to frog the whole bag! Is it, perhaps, of a size that you could felt it a little? That should close up the gaps and still leave room for a gift, albeit a smaller one.

A class with Nancy Bush - how exciting! I routinely have to go down 2-3 needle sizes from the recommended size in order to get gauge. Oh well! It would be rather funny to see Chaos in a poncho...

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