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Louisa Harding Twitch

I started a sleeve for the Louisa Harding Twitch boy's sweater. The patterns in The Magical World According to Miss Millie are adorable.

Lousa Harding Nautical Cotton

Louisa Harding Twitch Sleeve

This pattern is both fun and a learning experience. Kids' knits go faster. You'd think I'd have figured this out before now, right? And, until now, I've avoided stripes in my knitting (unless it was a felted bag) because stripes made me nervous. When there are wide stripes, yarn has to be cut (because I haven't learned how to carry yarn up the sides) and cutting yarn worries me. I like the idea of being able to rip back if I need to and yarn that I've cut is quite a commitment -- it can't be uncut. But this sweater (aptly named Twitch because it's making me twitch . . . just a bit), is helping me overcome that stripe apprehension. I am embracing the stripes. And there will be many.

What's really making me happy are the sock monkey colors. I love me some sock monkey.

Monkey Mail from Jerri


I have the same feeling about cutting yarn, so my projects sometimes have balls of yarn attached - which makes it not portable! By the way, I love the colour combinations you have there.

I still have my sock monkey from when I was a kid! I call him MonkeySocks! I'll have to post a pic of him soon.