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Comparison and Creativity

I've spent the morning catching up on some of Marisa Haedike's Creative Thursday podcasts and there are two that I've replayed several times and written down some quotes:

"If anyone you know is a naysayer -- if they question your dreams, if they can't be truly happy for you when you're winning in your life, then some housekeeping may be in order." (Episode 15 - It's All About Support)

"You don't have to make people wrong to decide to go separate ways. You can still love them and let them go." (Episode 15 - It's All About Support)

" . . . comparison sometimes makes me miss the greatness of what's happening right now in my life." (Episode 13 - Comparison)

" . . . what if we look at other peoples' lives just long enough to be inspired . . . " (Episode 13 - Comparison)

The only thing that a creative act has to produce is joy and satisfaction. If it doesn't, then perhaps you're creating for the wrong reasons -- for approval, for an audience, for one-upsmanship. If, when other people share their creative successes, you feel the need to diminish or dismiss them instead of celebrating right along with them, then perhaps some self-examination is in order. There is ENOUGH to go around. YOU are not diminished by another person's creative success. It amazes me how few people truly believe that.

UPDATE: I've saved this link to one of Keri Smith's blog entries and I go back and re-read it quite often. I want to save it here and keep it with this blog entry.


Very good thoughts, Janet. Few things wear *others* down, IMHO, than a "life theme" of voiced self-doubt based on a perceived disparity between themselves and others. An occasional moment of moping isn't so bad... but it's infinitely more inspiring to mooooove on and let others be a catalyst for your own progress.

I think that once someone grasps this, quits thinking so much about themselves and their own feelings, and just *lives*, the level of satisfaction to be found in one's efforts will increase exponentially.

I particularly like those first two quotes... It's hard to "houseclean" people, but it sure needs to be done sometimes...

Janet, I always appreciate your writing and thoughts on the process of creativity. Thanks for these words and these links.

Thank you, Janet, for this post. I love it when you make me think.

thank you

Thank you so much for sharing these, Janet. I love these quotes. I really need to check out this podcast, it really sounds right up my alley.

Great post - thanks ;)

i think its important to not think about other people's opinions during the creative process.

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