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Progress-less posting

I've tried to make it a practice to only post when I have progress to show but I realized something today and I just wanted to get it out and commit it to the blog. It hit me that I can't possibly knit quickly enough to keep up with the really trendy and cool knits out there. I still haven't figured out what I enjoy knitting most (socks are WAY up there) because there's a LOT I haven't tried yet. I'm always VERY tempted to try knitting all the adorable things I see in knitting magazines and on all your blogs but the reality is that by the time I *have* the time, it's completely and totally LAST YEAR. However, I can count on the fact that socks never go out of style.Today, I enjoyed wearing the socks I knit for myself (but oh my . . . they're slick on ceramic tile floors).

As futile as it is to figure out how to fit the endless "WannaKnits" in to my schedule, I can still visit a blog and be blown away by a design, a finished garment or a flash of fiber and just have to have it. Most of the time, I can step back and resist because I know that little something will be there when I need it and I'll remember where I saw it and can sleep on it. But when it comes to clothes, I've always loved a good sweater. I've been through decades of photos recently and most of the shots of me over the last 24 years since I started buying my own clothes have been all about the sweaters. I can't possibly own enough of them. So naturally now that I'm a knitter, what was I to do when I saw Ariann? (Note to knitwear designers: this is the most awesome form of instant gratification - thank you for making it easy). I purchased it, downloaded it and now I've printed it and am planning to take it to bed with me and . . . sleep on it. After all, I still have to choose a yarn.


Janet, YES to 100% of this post... especially to Ariann! Bonne Marie has outdone herself, that sweater is gorgeous. I'm trying to figure out how I can carve out the time to make it right away!

Ariann is irresistable :) I have also come to terms with the fact that I cannot knit all that I would like to knit, so I mostly enjoy "reading" my knit mgazines - my friend calls it literature :)

I think that's one of the positives and negatives of blogging for me. On one hand, I'm inspired by all the amazing things I see. On the other, I'm tempted to start everything that inspires me!

I know exactly what you mean, Janet! I have yarn for so many projects that I haven't even begun.... and now there are many more that I want to knit. heh heh! It's a vicious cycle, I tell you!

I felt the same way about Ariann, but I resisted (especially because I already bought yarn for CeCe which I haven't even begun) and I really, really, really want to knit the lacy skirt from Greetings from the Knit Cafe. I thik that it WILL be my next project! (especially since I aleady bought an extra size 6 circ! I'm committed now!)

Hope that you are well, Sweet Friend! Have a lovely day!

Ah yes, I completely understand. I have a bad habit of posting every little things that catches my eye, and then in the end, I don't manage to get to it.

I love classic pieces though, and they never go out. Ariann is such a piece. I think it is amazing, and I can't wait to see different versions pop up on the blogs. I know I will get to it someday though... it is just a perfect cardigan! :)

WHY did you have to show me Ariann??? Oh well, another one for the queue. Because I got the Fall IK today! And I have the yarn for the Wanderlust Hoodie! Hooray! Which will probably be out of style by the time I get it finished! :o)

BEAUTIFUL sweater!!!!!

Tell me about it! I've JUST started the Jaywalker socks - almost 12 months after the pattern was published! We are SO last year! x