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Stash Smarter

Interesting that I should read this right after I made a stash list. First, I've got to mention, I'm not ashamed of my small stash. I'm probably more embarrassed about the mess I make when I have knitting in progress:

Messy projects

I can, however, totally relate to the entry I linked to. It's true . . . you can only knit so much. And substitute knitting for any other undertaking that consumes time and disposable income and you can only do *that* so much. It's a time thing more than a money thing for this knitter and I feel conservative with the stash I have. Everything I have (with few exceptions and I've identified those and dealt with them) delights me and inspires me.

It's apparent this week more than any other that there is only SO MUCH; and I am grateful that I streamlined my life several months ago and walked away from things that were sucking valuable time and energy. I've reached the "enough" point. I have enough "things." I'm not burdened with stuff and I'm not compelled to find healing through retail therapy (not even if it's disguised as thrift or frugality).

Even though I mentioned I would be sharing the stash I would like to sell, this week has been full of other demands - conversations with school counselors, VA benefits coordinators, teachers, property managers, sisters, parents, and you know . . . LIFE. Not much knitting has been done -- especially not the productive variety. I've made anti-progress.

You can only knit so much, do so much, live so much. Make the most of it!


Thanks for the thought-provoking post and link.

Streamlined - I like that!

This has been on my mind a lot the past few weeks - especially with the big "change" that I cryptically talked about on my blog. I'm letting go, purging things I don't love anymore, or never loved to begin with. (THINGS, not people!)

So far, it has been very soothing. I've even started an essay about it for the podcast.

I need to de-stash. Soon.

Hi! This is the first time I've seen your blog; found while checking out sock yarn last evening...imagine that! I am going to be the 100th person to ask you, but which colorway of Mountain Colors sock yarn were you using in the photo? I was trying to guess, maybe Pheasant? Thanks, Sue in Colorado
P.S. It may be from an older posting, didn't check the date, but the multicolored yarn shown w/ the sock done past the heel...that color. thx

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