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The things I knit for love . . .

A year ago today, I took a photo of an in-progress tiny sweater:


My son, a second grader at the time, requested it. When the request for knitted items comes from a 7-year old boy who loves the "Mouse" books, who could refuse?


That sweater, along with last year's Socktoberfest, got me interested in knitting socks again. So, naturally I was delighted when Lolly decided to hostess it again. Have you joined? It's almost SOCKtober!

If you give a knitter some DPN's, she'll ask for two skeins of sock yarn . . .


Thank you so much for being a part of this, J! I can't wait ;)

Adorable little mouse-sized sweater!

What a darling sweater for a darling mouse. Fun stuff!

I always have a sock going, does that count?


That is adorable. How tiny!

I love these!
I remember these photos when you first posted them and i still adore them.
i love the sweet mouse in the sweet, colorful sweater, and I love that you knit it for your little guy. You are so sweet!
i've been trying to knit socks for Melissa since august and i just frogged my mountain color socks. For some reason i just can't seem to knit socks right now - wonder if there's something else that i should be knitting?

Too cute! I'd love to knit something like this.

I LOVE that sweater! How cute!!

Hey, I remember that sweater...if you give a mouse a sweater. :D