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Twitch and Shawn Colvin

Shawn Colvin has a new album that debuted September 12, 2006. Ripping out rows while listening to Shawn helped me rip back almost a dozen rows and then re-knit and make up for lost time on the Twitch sleeve. Her "Words" (BeeGees) cover is smooth, acoustic, and lovely -- not overproduced.

My theory is that sleeves are a good thing to start knitting if you're trying to knit something new . . . a new yarn, a new pattern . . . knit a sleeve! It's a swatch, right? If it absolutely needs ripping and re-starting, at least it's not an entire sweater back (after all, you wouldn't start by knitting the front would you?)

But I'm here to talk about cotton -- about knitting stockinette with cotton. You can look at my Twitch sleeve and you can tell where I made the adjustment in my tension so that the fabric would just look better. But it hurts to knit this way (purl, tighten, purl, tighten, then hold the yarn close to both tips). Where wool is forgiving of my stockinette-knitting methods ("rowing out" is something I can't seem to avoid), cotton might as well shine a floodlight on my weird knitting. So although it's a shop model, I'm planning to proceed so that hopefully my mistakes can help teach others. ("Do as I say and not as I do.")

Today's progress on TWITCH Sleeve #1

Today I mentally closed a door on something that I always thought I would do -- go back and finish getting my B.A. in Business Administration. This doesn't make me as sad as I thought it would, and there would have been a huge opportunity cost to going back at this point. Granted, this doesn't mean I won't EVER take a college class again -- it just means that I won't go with a "PLAN" to leave in x-number of years with an actual piece of parchment. It's really kind of liberating. It feels good to close the door of my own accord -- it's a gift to myself and permission to worry about ONE LESS THING in my lifetime.


You have my sympathy. I cannot knit stockinette back and forth with the same tension either. That's why I love to knit in the round. I am liking Twitch though. Nice colors.

As for the PLAN, sometimes you just have to adjust things or let them go. Good for you that you were able to make that decision and move on.

Sweater sleeve looks great to me. Perhaps a non-knitter won't notice what you're referring to...

As for the plan, thanks for sharing. Glad you're at peace with the decision. And I'm guessing that's the point, right?

PS - the parchment really is just that...

where were you when i started knitting Aimee from rowan vintage knits?? I started on the back and kept screwing up the amount of stitches that i was supposed to have. so i debated with myself for several days on whether to rip or keep going. i finally decided to put it on a stitch holder and do a sleeve. about 1/4 of the way up i figured out what i was doing wrong. now i still have to rip the back out and i was all the way to the armhole decreaes!!! lesson learned.
like the colors you are using, by the way.

Oh how cool. I didn't even know she had a new album coming out, and I just listened to Steady On yesterday (syncchronicity or what) after not hearing it for about 3 years...

I have noticed a lot of other people starting with a sleeve, and I had always started things in order of the pattern instructions, the Lace and Cable Cardigan I am working on now I started with a sleeve for the first time ever, and it is a wonderful method...

Sounds like you are good with your decision about school... sometimes making the decision Not to do something that has been on your list of To Do's can be the most freeing thing.

Sometimes you have to go against the actual plan/s. In the end it works out for the best. Trust your judgment. The L.H colours are very well suited. Great combination. You have a good eye.

Freeing yourself from a self-imposed obligation is wonderful, isn't it? :)

I have trouble with rowing out when I knit back and forth. I'm trying some different things to see if they help - purling on a different sized needle, scoop purling, etc.

My education plan is to take classes, but only as many as I can handle in one semester, and to take my time so I can do well. I refuse to repeat the stress of last semester.

Of course, the pull to do something creative over something scientific is strong. Very strong.

Aimee allen paul

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