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Can something be too inspiring?

Why yes, I think it can.

Between Amy Butler's new book (I've had the book for a few weeks) and the Decor8 blog, I think I just need to take a deep breath. It's tempting to explore the fabric and the sewing but I already have THE KNITTING and it is ENOUGH for me, you know? So although I love it, the new Amy Butler book is going to a new home this week. (But please please check out Decor8 -- it's amazing).

THIS inspired me much more:


Volume 1 will likely keep me busy for a while, but then there's Volume 2 (Cables) and now Volume 3 (Colorwork).

And this smart, sassy girl will probably keep me from taking on that sewing hobby anyway:


I was sent this video along with this comment, "puts things in perspective . . . ." (and it does):


She's obviously telling you to make her a felted tug toy!!

First... STILL in love with the dog! :)

Second... my dear, the best thing about having a teenage child and a van with a DVD player in it is that you can leave the teenager babysitting the other two, all watching LOTR, in the van with ONE cell phone while you spend as long as you want looking at home decorating fabrics in Hobby Lobby!

Juuuust a little hot tip for ya!

Oh, she is sweet. I bet the kids love her. :) And the Northern Lights are AMAZING aren't they??? It seems that there should be orchestration to that. :D

Aww, such a cute dog!

Aww, your pup is adorable! And the video of the northern lights is really amazing! I miss them...I used to live farther north where you could see them quite clearly in the winter.

Thanks for your nice comments on my Orangina!

I have a sewing machine now. *grins*

I can not look at fabric or that book, for fear that I will be sucked in. I have the knitting, the sewing can not happen in my life. Too much.

I hope to see the Northern Lights in their full glory someday...

What a happy dog! I used to sew a lot, but then I got curvier and curvier and I needed help fitting the patterns. With sewing, once you cut the fabric, it's cut--no frogging.

I have vol 2 of the stitchionary and I love it. I am already making a sock with one of the cable patterns which I hope to post at the Sock Hop today or tomorrow. I haven't seen vol 1, is it full of good stuff?

Yep, Decor8 leaves me drooling.

Wow, what a flattering post. You've made my day with your nice comments. I'm happy to know that you are enjoying the blog. Hope to see you on the blog soon! :)


I think Sassy belongs with "auntie Jayne!" ahhh, so cute & sweet!Oh.......the knitting is great too!