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Project Paralysis


I have this hovering paralysis resulting from having too much to do. I've avoided the knitting because so much more is pressing in this week. I think this is what Stephen Covey is referring to when he writes about the "tyranny of the urgent." I find myself in Quadrant I when I prefer to be in Quadrant II (.pdf)

The ideal thing would be to work on the socks I started last week; I've turned the heel and completed the gusset decreases so now I'm just working on the foot portion. Obviously, I'd like to finish the pair before the end of the month, but it's not looking good at this point. I remind myself lately that my knitting's not on a deadline around here. It has to remain the ONE thing that helps me keep other important things in perspective.


I've a shop model to complete and a wonderful cardi I'm jonesing to cast on, but it's not a race. I've had some small victories in areas that have been causing me distress. I can't really explain it here without going in to a lot of personal details, but I'm pleased with the steps I've taken with regard to my online presence. I'm much more than just a knitter, but knitting is the only thing I choose to put "out there" publicly.


Janet, your voice online is so original and personal, I think. I'm glad you are finding a good place with what you are comfortable publishing. Sometimes, even in my "just knitting" posts, I take an awfully long time to push the final "save and close" button. Blogging puts you out there, but I can tell you that I'm so glad that you are part of my online community.

Hi Janet, I love reading your posts. You're often saying things that I can so relate to. You're right, knitting has to fall into its place with other things in our lives that may be (usually are) more important. So often times, knitting takes a back seat, and that is the time when I appreciate most the luxury of knitting a few rows on a small project. Good to know you're coping well and knitting a little :) Take care.

Nice Nice sock... glad all and any quandries have been put right... AND I got the new Shawn Colvin becuase of your post a few weeks ago, and have been over-listening... her first in a long long time that I love as much as her very first...so thanks for that

Them's pretty socks! :)

Almost makes me wanna knit! lol

You do a great job keeping yourself and your blog in check. You do quite well keeping first things first... and having solid first things to begin with!

That's a lovely sock - WHENEVER it get done. :) I hadn't heard the term "tyranny of the urgent" before, but I can totally relate to it.

Janet, when I started blogging, the intention was "strictly knitting". Somewhere along the way, 'personal' snippets began to filter through. Like you, I'm aware of it and know where to draw the line.

You posts are intelligent, honest and sincere. Sometimes you'll tackle a topic head-on or allow us to 'read between the lines'.
This, combined with your gorgeous knitting, makes for a successful blog and is the reason I keep coming back. x

Howdy! For what yarn shop are you doing samples?

(Yarntopia is the bestest, not that I have any personal reason for saying this....)