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Can you be distracted?

Apparently, I can. In addition to illness (all three kids), school programs, holidays, and my lame attempts at using a drop spindle in the midst of all those things, I also worked at the store. Yesterday was the first day of the annual After-Thanksgiving sale, so naturally, I had to buy some yarn (and this is the extent of my purchases):

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock (L-R): Baby Stripe, Iris Garden & Happy Valley

Drop spindles. Okay, why would I use one if I know I am going to buy a wheel? (I'm asking this not with impertinence or impudence, but out of genuine curiousity). A local spinner, Sissy B., recommended a Kromski Minstrel and Kristin has one too. My goal isn't to be a perfect spinner, but a productive one. I'm most likely to spin at home in half-hour to one-hour intervals (sometimes more) and I just want to make good use of that time. I realize that I have a a LOT to learn, but I want to dispense with the drop spindle if I can, and it's not because I'm crappy at it (I am), but rather than shop for (i.e. spend money on) lighter or different drop spindles . . . well, you know the rest. My comments are open for any and all advice from spinners.

Now for the knitting. The gorgeous Shepherd Sock pictured above is for baby hats; specifically -- newborn baby hats for shower gifts and new arrivals. I'm picturing ribbed hats with fat pom-poms. I've already started one and can't wait to make more. I'm making it up as I go along with a generous heap of help from Knitting Rules. Do you have this book yet? You must get it! On page 110, there's a handy chart with typical head sizes. On page 115 are the ingredients and how-to's and some general hat wisdom. What better way to use a skein of a yummy sock yarn?


The sock yarn is truly eye candy. :) I can't wait to see your baby hats!

perfect baby hat colours... i love those little teeny hats with a bog pom pom on the top... happy baby knitting

ooh... the middle one is heavenly.

Okay, here's the thing. I SUCKED at my drop spindle. It's called that for a reason, you know. But I bought a wheel anyway, mostly because I am crazy, and not only was I able to pick up spinning in a matter of moments, I can now drop spindle. Kind of.

These sweet sock yarns are distracting indeed. Hope your kids are all better now.

When you get it, please let me know how you like the Kromski Minstral - I am also thinking about getting one.
The colors in the Lorna's Laces are so beautiful! I can't wait to see how it knits up into the hat.

yay! You're back! Sorry everyone's been sick. The sock yarn will make great baby hats, and what a quick, satisfying FO!

A lot of people learn to spin without having touched a drop spindle. Many wheel spinners say they're terrible at spindle spinning. I'm glad, personally, that I started on a spindle because I became proficient at drafting - knowing when to slow down, when to stop, when to straighten out my roving, etc. I think the wheel was easier for me because of that, but that's just me. You certainly wouldn't be alone if you by-passed the spindle and went straight to a wheel! But definitely rent a wheel or try out several through your local guild before buying. The Minstrels are really pretty - how portable is it?

mmm yarn :)
I spin on both - the spindling really helped me to learn about drafting - the wheel took a bit of getting usd to because you add the foot work...
I have a minstrel, and I love it. I recommend that you go find yourself a spinning group (or shop) and try out a bunch of wheels to see which you like best :)

Hopefully everyone's healthy again?? Isn't Knitting Rules great? It reminds me of Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Without Tears...

My reasons for spindle-spinning are a.) I have more control for spinning fine yarns on a spindle (at its slower pace) and b.) it's a great way to really enjoy spinning very nice fibers like cashmere or yak.

What happy colors of yarn! They will make great baby hats. I want to get Knitting Rules. It is on my amazon wish list, so I have to wait until after Christmas before I can buy it (if I don't get it as a gift). There are very stern penalties in my family for buying off wish lists between Thanksgiving and Christmas!

I hope your kids are feeling better.

Great photo. I've made socks with Iris Garden and am happy to report that they didn't pool!! x

Can someone tell me how to know when you update the information on your website? I don't want to have to remember to come back all the time. Someone said something about a feed? I don't know what that is. Thank You

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