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How it begins



I'm guessing because of the drop spindle and the roving that you'll be attempting some spinning.

I am jealous, I soooo want to learn how to spin.

I can't wait to see how it ends.

Wow, what a gorgeous orange! What are you planning?

a spinning top and a new fun wig? hmmm what else could that be...

NOOOOOO! I don't wanna spin. And I don't wanna be the last non-spinning knitblogger! :) Pretty, tho.

Pushing me further towards the edge, you. ;-)

That color is making me drool!

Hee! I LOVE that orange! C'mon show us the twisty mess (that's what everyone's first yarn is like, don't let anyone tell you differently)!

Oh no! Not the spinning dark side!!! Ok, I like how the color goes with the blog. Good color coordination!

Spinning :D
have you begun? first yarn pics to come? ;)

I stumbled across your blog and I am very impressed and inspired by your knitting. Besides, we share a similar blog title! I believe that I have found my new knitting idol after reading several of your blog entries. I desperatly want to learn to knit socks, but I have to wait until after the holidays when I have no knitting deadlines. Looking forward to reading your blog.

Your humble groupie!

I'm sure the end result will be nothing short of stunning. Oh, and great photography - the colour is amazing. x

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