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Knitter, Know Thyself

Persuade thyself that imperfection and inconvenience are the natural lot of mortals,
and there will be no room for discontent, neither for despair. Ieyasu Tokugawa

I've not begun the spinning yet. (If I had, Elizabeth, I would gladly show you the twisty mess!) I haven't started or finished anything in the past week because I took a break. I was feeling that overstimulated, antsy feeling again (I promise it's me -- it's not you!) so I had to disconnect for a bit from the stimuli so that I could focus on what it is I want: from the knitting, the blogging, the time. I'm irritable when I'm not spending my time in a way that's in synch with what I want, what I value.

Using a process of elimination works well for me -- I chip away at what I don't want in order to reveal what I do want. It's easy for me to walk away from something unproductive, inefficient, and unrewarding. I don't linger and suffer. (This is going somewhere . . . it's not just existential angst)

For some reason, I had decided when I started knitting that I would never "spin" my own yarn. It's not like me to say no to something I've never tried, but my stubborness was due to my monogamous devotion to "just knitting." I didn't want to be tempted away and I didn't want to be bad at something (inevitable) so soon after learning to be good at something. It's a whole new vocabulary and it requires new supplies. How could I justify buying roving (and perhaps someday . . . a wheel) when I have so much unknit yarn in sweater-knitting quantities? I'm sure you've noticed that finished sweaters aren't exactly flying off my needles right now. I was mulling over all of this when I began to make a mental list of what I *do* want. And I've re-established for myself that knitting represents my choice and my privilege to spend my time and resources doing something I enjoy. It makes me the person I want to be whether or not I can justify my knitterly existence by being the first to finish and photograph and document something.

So today I am going to try to make a twisty mess and I'll let you know how it goes.


make a good old twisty mess, we all await the results...

I bet you get just as good at spinning as you are at knitting. Go for it!

This is Britt sending you Twisting Good Vibes!! Boogady - boogady!

I look forward to seeing your twisty results!

You'll always have the love of knitting. I've wondered too, about creating more yarn when I have a decent stash already. If spinning isn't your thing, there are lots of folks who make yarn, so we've got ya covered! *grin* No pressure - do what makes you happy. Isn't that the secret to a life well lived?


Spinning too! No pressure to see how you do with the spinning which I know if you really find the love for it like you do for the knitting, you are going to blow our minds with your creations and colorways. I know, you are right so many new tools to get and all that yarn you already have, it can be so overwhelming. Hey, keep doing what is under your skin, keep knitting; whatever you decide, the most important thing is to be happy and content with what makes your soul sing.

Chow for now

Ah, but don't think of it as making a "twisty mess"! :D Think of it as making your own beautiful yarn. It will make a difference. I promise you.

And consider this--just as you do not knit only to have sweaters at the end, spinners do not spin only to have yarn at the end. Have fun!

And the converse is also true - if you spin more than you knit, there will be plenty of people to knit up your yarn for you!

How'd your twisty mess turn out? Lovely I'm sure!

Thanks for your comment on my felted slippers. FYI: they have double thickness knit soles, but you could attach leather ones as well.

I keep checking in suspense... have you tried the spinning yet?

I thought of you today as I admired some lovely green yarn. It was so you.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! :D

Never say never...

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