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Past, present and future socks

I have a completed sock, but I'm just showing the ribbing detail because otherwise, even in it's completed state, it's just a predictable and plain stockinette foot. I contemplated carrying the ribbing down the top of the sock, but since I knit the sock for a man's foot, I confirmed with him that this ribbing on the instep would be uncomfortable. So stockinette it was . . . many inches of redundant stockinette.

Ribbing detail on Fortissima socks

The neat thing about the ribbing is that with the garter ridge in there, I can duplicate the cuff on the second sock exactly by counting the ridges. (Obviously, helpful little details amuse me). With the Fortissima Socka gray sock completed, I've gone from four to three socks on the needles:

Socks in progress

The light blue 3x3 ribbed beauty in the middle was a special request from my youngest son. I had barely cast on when he asked if they were finished yet (apparently, there's no way I can knit them fast enough). Months ago, he requested "light blue" handknit socks. I finally got his color approval when I brought home 2 skeins of light blue Baby Ull.

Baby Ull

I am so delighted with this soft, squishy economical yarn! It's incredible to knit with. If you have baby knits in your future, try Dale of Norway Baby Ull. My only complaint is a tiny one - dropped stitches are difficult to pick up.

For future knits, I'm obsessed with silk right now - wool/silk blends, 100% silk, and the way silk feels cool next to my skin. Expect more silk in 2007. I'll also be unveiling something else soon (it'll be anticlimatic to some of you). Remind me to never say never.

Finally, I have to share one of my favorite new blog reads -- there's just a small handful of "new" blogs out there that impress me and this is one of them. Kiddley is the brainchild of Claire Robertson of LoobyLu. Back when I was ten years old, this would have kept me busy for hours. And this too . . . isn't it sometimes the simplest things that bring so much joy?


I love the color theory in ice cube trays idea! Perfect for a fledgling dyer such as myself. I'm also making socks for my son out of BRIGHT green (yes, he picked it out) Baby Ull. It's so soft and very economical, especially for growing feet!

You're so fast, I have 4 pairs started and not a one finished - not even the first sock finished... Love the red multi sock - great colours...

Thanks for the good luck wishes Janet - 1 more week to go!! x

Agreed - Baby Ull is the best.

Cables and lace patterns also have those "helpful details" for counting. For my plan st st or ribbed socks, I just hold them up together and call it close enough!