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The more I learn, the less I know

I've started consistently using the improved SSK as several experienced knitters have been recommending it. My son's sock was an opportunity to audition it as a permanent replacement for the tradtional SSK. (If you're confused, click the link -- there's an example of both).

Decrease 2

It still doesn't precisely mirror a K2tog, but it's aesthetically better than a regular SSK -- not substantially better, mind you, but it is easier to execute.

Decrease 1

I've one light blue Baby Ull sock down and one to go. The little socks are so quick to knit and it's a good thing, because I know a 6-year old boy who really expected to immediately have a pair of socks fly off my needles. Absolutely nothing FLIES off my needles unless you count a whimsical little elf hat knit for a quick felting (technically, "fulling") fix and some holiday color.

A few friends and I have been discussing our goals for the upcoming year -- actionable things we hope to accomplish. These aren't "resolutions" but goals for which we can be held accountable. For me, it will be learning to spin. For those of you who commented on my previous post and provided insights and advice about spinning with a drop spindle and about spinning with a wheel - THANK YOU! It's immensely helpful to hear from people whose knitting and spinning skills I respect.

Now for something random I realized today after spending some time in Bloglines . . . negative emotions seem to ring more true than positive ones. I was reading a blog yesterday that sounded overly joyful, too precious and affected. The blogger could have easily been me and probably has, but it just didn't feel like the truth. I'm writing this because I want to remember it. It's a random observation on my part that I tend to "believe" a blogger more when they appear to be writing to release unpleasant feelings. i think I'm going through a phase where I prefer the gritty truth over the well-dressed lie. Or maybe I'm just burned out on my few remaining non-knitting, non-spinning reads.

I have other opinions too -- such as how I feel about those paid placements on blogs (i.e. an advertiser PAYS YOU to mention their product in your blog entry), but you didn't come here for that, did you? Rest assured if I blog about a product I love here on Twisted Knitter, I am NOT accepting a payment to do so -- nor will I ever. And that's the extent of my disclaimer and all I am going to write about it.


I love the socks! Your knitting is so smooth and even. I also love the tutorial on increases and decreases. It's great! I use the improved SSK a lot just because it is easier for me to knit.

Your socks are great! And as for reading a well dressed blog, I am with you, I would rather read the truth than a sticky sweet cover of ones true feelings.

As a non-blogger myself, I know exactly what you are saying about so many blogs. It's why I've refrained from having one. Personal, private space is important to maintain . . . but so many seem to spill that which is best kept among family and friends right out into the streets of blogland. The opposite tack - only sharing the sunny - can seem fakey-fake.

You strike a very nice balance here. Few bloggers manage to accomplish that.


And I have nothing to add about knitting... lol. If you ever pull out your sewing machine, though....! ;)

I've tried the improved SSK and not noticed much difference, other than I can't remember to do it consistently!

It's a hard balance to maintain in blogging, isn't it? I suppose that's why I like knitting blogs - it gives us a common focus beyond angst...