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My 2006 in Images


These images represent photos I took each month in 2006, beginning with the most recent month. Each photo is a symbol for me of something significant -- either something I've learned, mastered, felt, or experienced.

I've always thought it was more important to look at what was accomplished in the year than to make lofty plans as to what I'm going to "resolve" to do (or "not" do?) in the coming year. There is no way to predict what the future will bring and I refuse to make excuses for not achieving unrealistic resolutions at the end of the year. (Your mileage may vary and making resolutions might really work for you -- that's fine too!) If something's not working and I need to make a change, then I'll just do it . . . I won't have to ponder whether it will fit with what I've "resolved." I'll just DO it.

But, yes, I have some dreams for the future, and unlike resolutions, it's not in the form of a checklist; it's a rough map and I'm the cartographer. I believe that when you fix in your mind what you want, you will have everything you need.


:D I agree with you on resolutions. Merry Christmas and I hope you have a blessed New Year, Janet.

I like that - rough map, with you the cartographer.

Another wonderful post from you, Janet. It happens everytime ;) I love your philosophy on it - yes, cartographers!

You have made many beautiful things this year!

Best wishes~

I like your idea--be proud of what you have accomplished this year :). Have a wonderful Christmas and a beautiful New Year.

Beautiful images and philosophy Janet. Merry Christmas. x

Everything you made is beautiful. I really enjoy your blog.....have you ever thought of putting together a podcast? I think your writting is wonderful, and you have interesting outlooks on subjects.
Just wondering out loud..

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