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Future Knits - Cheryl Oberle Kimono Shawl

I've been intending to post this for over a month now and haven't had a chance, but blogging the phantom project list reminded me that I needed to do an entry for this future project. Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawls book is one of the first knitting books I purchased because I loved the Kimono Shawl pattern so much. I was a much less experienced knitter then and although I know that I don't yet have the skill (or patience) to knit even half of the shawls in this book, I might be able to do this one:

Kimono Shawl - Cheryl Oberle's Folk Shawls

Henry's Attic Cascade 100% Silk

Since I really wanted to use the hard-to-locate yarn specified in her pattern, I wasn't pushing this to the top of my "To Knit" list. However, I noticed that Spritely Goods carried other Henry's Attic products and Stephanie, the wonderful proprietor of Spritely Goods, notes on her site that she is sometimes willing to accomodate special requests. And, in my case, she did. (Thank you, Stephanie). The 100% yarn is amazing. I love the way the shawl in the photo drapes and seems to have movement, so there was no question I wanted a natural color 100% silk, although I fully intend to try other yarns with the same pattern (since I'm not one to knit only one of something anyway).

Check out some Kimono Shawls on Flickr

I'm recovering from a cold and feeling a little "off," and yet I'm oddly motivated to tackle a lot of unfinished business. I'm sure that my blogging over the next several days will reflect that.


This shawl is stunning! and so is the yarn! I can't wait to see more progress, J ;)

thanks for the kind mentions!
I do look forward to seeing that shawl take shape, and that yarn? just luscious.

Wow, that yarn is going to be a dream to knit with!

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