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Joyful holiday knitting

I'm allowing myself the indulgence of TINIEST little bit of gift knitting since I've made some progress on other things. Since I didn't set out to DO any gift knitting this year, it's turned out to be a sweetly relaxing activity instead of a stressful one . . . and somebody will have warm feet, another couple of people will have warm necks and perhaps somebody will have warm hands. It's a nice feeling to be un-rushed.

The tree is up and filled with our favorite ornaments and a couple dozen candy canes. I'm looking at it thinking it definitely needs some miniature handknitted ornaments and perhaps a cute garland next year. Right now a gorgeous yellow lab is asleep on her bed at the base of the tree. Tonight I'll be making my favorite guacamole for a celebration I'm attending where knitting is not only allowed but ENCOURAGED.

As a devastating 2005 flowed into a stress- and challenge-filled 2006, I'm thankful just to be here doing anything at all and I'm grateful for each deep, cleansing breath. I'm learning that I don't need to be crippled by worry (a former bad habit) and I don't need to question or excuse the good fortune that comes my way. I've noticed that most people go from one character-building experience to another and the only difference is the way we choose to approach it. So I've taken responsibility for my own perspective, my own choice to find the joy. In EVERYTHING.

And the knitting I've done this past year? It's been a blessing to be able to find calm and solace in it. What I hope for 2007 is that I can teach others how to knit and encourage beginners. I hope that's returned to me while I learn some new things of my own -- spinning, dyeing -- who knows what else!

Have any of you non-blogging knitters reading this right now thought about starting your own blog in 2007? Please do! Don't feel intimidated by what other bloggers or knitters are doing. It won't necessarily keep you from knitting, but it might make you think about it more and perhaps experience it differently. Try it.


Your post is very touching. I hope you find joy around every corner. I've been reading your blog everyday since I created my own blog in May '06. I don't think anyone ever reads my blog but I enjoy doing it anyway. If someone asks me about one of my FO's I can tell them to read about it on my blog.

I loved reading this post. Blogging has created a whole new experience for me - a positive experience that I wouldn't change for anything. I hope you've inspired the next generation of bloggers - if only they knew what they're missing! x

Janet, you are such a beautiful person - inside and out...

I'm with you. I try to live my life with as much joy, grace and gratitude as possible.

Enjoy your gift-knitting.

hugs and love,

Your past two years sound a lot like mine (one wedding, four funerals and a few other stressful events thrown in as well). You're absolutely correct - the only thing we can control is how we choose to deal with something. May you find LOTS of joy in 2007 and beyond, friend! :o)

Another lovely post. :)

While '06 sucked, I am grateful to share another birthday and xmas with Mom!
While I am trying to find something for me...I find reading is my solace and lets me escape somewhere else.......for a little while. Enjoy your solace in whatever you do, that gives you pleasure and a sense of calm!

I would love to have my own blog. I dream of it. But I have no internet at home. I use my free time at work to check out blogs and knitting websites. I am sure that they would frown on me using my time to blog. But one day, maybe I will have internet at home again. And then look out blog world, you will see another blog of one of the slowest knitters in the world! Hoorah.

Wonderful post... count our blessings, learn our lessons, remember the joy, and knit knit knit. And non-stress gift knitting, what could be better.