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Let Yourself Soar

We all have the power to reinvent ourselves at any time [via Keri Smith]



Keri Smith has inspired me too. Do you work at a school?
Note from Janet: Kat, I don't work at a school, but I do spend a lot of time there. The photo in the blog entry was taken last year at the public library.

That reminds me of a line or two from Richard Bach's "Illusions of a Reluctant Messiah."

So true. Thank you for that link.

Thanks for posting that link. That speech made my day because that is totally me too. I just got really excited last week because I'm going to be 37 and finally finishing a AA degree in the spring with my oh so useful genius level IQ. I always used to feel bad about not finishing anything until I took the pressure off myself by saying f*ck it. Thanks again! Hope you enjoy your holidays and I look forward to reading you in the New Year! :)

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