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Santa Fe Ruana

I was trying to make a decision about my Santa Fe Ruana when I came across this blog entry at January One. If you read it, you'll understand my reasons for abandoning the ruana. It wasn't the pattern (I still love it) but the colors I chose. While I love each of the colors of Manos del Uruguay individually, together they are not so compelling for me.

So yesterday, I exchanged the gorgeous multi-colored Woodlands colorway for the Brick that I am so in love with. The persimmon is amazing too, but I have tons of delicious orange in my wardrobe now.

Manos Del Uruguay

And, Ariann, I haven't forgotten you, but that unfinished ruana was weighing on me. Now I'm lightened -- excited! Ariann will be what I start before the year ends. Of course, there are many other possibilities for 2007:

Blue Sky Alpacas



ah yes... the horribly difficult decision of changing your colours once the project has started... you're so very brave... and Love the brick colour... and all the others below

Good for you! Go for what you love. Now you will love it even more so. :D

I am loving the colors.

The brick colourway and the wine ksh is so berrilicious! Glad you got rid of the burden of knitting something that wasn't right for you. I have this problem but I find it difficult to let go.

I'm glad you decided that before you finished it. I always have trouble with color combinations, so I can totally relate.

Good for you on the ruana. Life is too short not to be in love with your knitting.

It was good to see you on Friday. I enjoyed talking 'in person'.

Love the yarn colours - and the puppy paw. x

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