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A first for me -- a meme

This is a first for me, and I am only doing this for Amy (who doesnt do these either):

Five weird things you probably don't know about me

* I'm pretty close to unbeatable at Chinese Checkers.

* Since becoming a mom, I'm often so tired at night that I'll go to bed fully clothed (sans shoes of course).

* I used to be really into vegetable gardening and daydreamed about homesteading. Back then (late 80's) I subscribed to Mother Earth News and Organic Gardening, and would read anything written by Helen & Scott Nearing. I wore out my copies of Diet for a Small Planet and The Book of Tofu. I grew soybeans to make my own tofu.

* I love it when I have time alone. I don't think I've ever uttered the phrases, "I'm bored." or "I'm lonely."

* My favorite work of modern fiction is Lonesome Dove and both of my sons' first and middle names are based on historical western figures.

I want to tag all of my readers . . . so consider yourself tagged. If you've already been tagged by somebody else, leave the link to your five things in the comments section. Please?


A non-blogger here, meme-ing...

I don't own but one or two pair of socks. I'm always stealing the dress socks (black and khaki ones) from my youngest son and wearing my daughter's white socks when I walk in the mornings.

I try to drink a couple of quarts of water a day. I fill a pitcher with ice water and lemon juice in the morning and make sure it's consumed by bedtime.

I drink lots and lots of coffee, beginning with a full-caf pot brewed at 5:30, a haf-caf pot brewed at noon, and then a couple of de-cafs.

I'm bad about leaving half-full coffee mugs all over the house and dumping them 'cause they got cold.

I like to make purses with fuzzy, hairy yarn around the top of them and cute little wooden handles.

I love reading people's weird things lists. It's just the right amount of reading - not overwhelming. I've done this a few times:

http://www.stumblingoverchaos.com/?p=36 (way at the bottom in the second link)
http://www.stumblingoverchaos.com/?p=266 (the last one - Chaos' 5 weird things)

Thank you for giving in to the meme. It's so fun to read what people divulge about themselves. It blows my mind that you grew your own soybeans to make your own tofu. Wow!

* My sons are named after fictional western characters too. "Monte" from the book/movie Monte Walsh and "Flint" from the Louis L'mour book of the same name.
*I am addicted to Spanish soap operas.
*I do Power Yoga. People here think that is weird.
*I saved all my history notes from every history class that I ever took in High School and College.

This makes me smile. :) I'm afraid I try to hide all my weirdness, though I know it seeps out into the public quite often. :D

Oooh how fun! I've never done one of these either...

Here goes nothing!

1) I moved out to Seattle when I was 22, but what most people don't know is that I have wanted to live out here ever since I saw "The Adventures of Natty Gann" in 7th grade.
2) I have naturally curly hair, but it didn't get curly until high school.
3) I have no middle name (how boring!).
4) I learned to knit originally when I was 11 (from my grandma) but I didn't pick it up again until I moved to Seattle. My interest in the craft has waxed and wained, but recently it's pretty strong again. When I'm not knitting I'm dreaming about what I could knit or reading knitting blogs and admiring what others have knit. (Most people don't know how obsessive I am about it.)
5) I studied computer science in college but now can be safely labeled a Luddite or Technophobe. I don't like technology for the sake of technology, but only when it truly enriches our lives (hence my admiration for Lifehacker.com).