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From Black Dog Knits - Nora's textural sock pattern, Donyale:


Donyale's my latest sock start -- the one I intend to carry with me to knit when I have a few minutes of time to kill -- either waiting in the car rider line picking up the kids or watching television at night. I've already tried it on the widest part of my foot and it's the best-fitting sock I've knit for myself EVER. It looks really tight, but it's not. It's perfect for my wide-ish feet and skinny ankles.

Thanks, Nora for a great pattern! It is interesting enough to keep me entranced but not so difficult that I can't carry on a conversation or watch television.

I'm writing my Donyale notes in this:


Keeping track? I'm working on a garment, a sock to carry with me, a capelet and a swatch (yet again on new needles) for my dream project. Of course, there are other small projects I just need to finish already (felting, seaming, weaving in ends).


Donyale looks great! I might have to try this one too as it sounds like my feet are similar to yours.

I still love the sock. :) I am trying to keep better notes of what I do as well. Your journal is gorgeous on the outside. :)

The Donyale sock looks great! I have used that yarn-over cable pattern for a sock, and it does make a nice snug fabric. It's also a fun pattern stitch to knit.

Happy Knitting!

That's a really cool sock! I haven't seen that journal before - does it have pictures and sayings inside?

Love the sock! What yarn are you using?

I haven't seen this little journal. What a great idea!

Love that pattern! Looks wonderful in that yarn too!

The sock is beautiful!
I also like the journal, I haven't seen this one before.

The sock looks so squishy! I love the color of the yarn! I hope to respond to your meme tag today. :o)

Love the sock. Great way to break out of any slumps.

Enjoy! x

Where did you get that neat Knitspiration Journal?

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