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Feel the failure

Failure and I got reacquainted over the holidays when I attempted to knit during my downtime. I was breezing along on Ariann (and loving it so much) when I made an error that I didn't notice for several rows. Attempts to rip back and "fix" were fruitless, so I frogged and restarted all of it -- on the wrong size needles. Eight rows of ribbing later, right before starting the set-up for the lace pattern, I realized I was using Size 4 (3.5mm) needles instead of Size 6 (4mm) needles. Failure, you are a fickle teacher.



The thing is . . . I was quite anxious to have some progress to show knitting-wise so perhaps my wrong motivation set the stage for failure. I was also fighting with my Denise needles the entire time I was working on Ariann. In deciding to switch to Addi Turbos, I'm convinced the knitting experience will be much more pleasant when I start working on her again for the third time.

EDITED TO ADD: the yarn is Cascade 220 in Color No. 9338

Until then, I'm grateful to my failure for allowing me to enjoy some books, movies and time with family and friends.

Embrace failure. It's only knitting.


I had a similar experience with a sweater I'm knitting for my husband. I had to restart it twice, thinking maybe something out there doesn't want me to knit this (i.e., the supposed sweater curse!)- although I didn't think it applied if you "had the ring on your finger"!

BTW, which yarn is that? It's beautiful.

Well, whenever it starts going right I can tell it is going to be gorgeous. What yarn are you using? It's beautiful.

"It's only knitting" Well said, Janet! Failure or not, what I see from the photos is a beautiful project. Embrace patience this week and enjoy your knitting. :D

You are so right. It is only knitting, even though frustration can take over and make you feel like "the project" is the only thing that exists.

I'm sure your friends and family were grateful you "messed up".

I love the yarn. It's Cascade, right? I made a scarf using that same color. It's beautiful.

What beautiful yarn and color! It certainly is worth having to start over for the third time. I have the entire back and most of the front of a sweater that I started several years ago that I know will look awful on me due to fit if I finish it. I have not yet screwed my courage to the ripping point, but I need to; the yarn is gorgeous. Best wishes for the new year!

Oh, it sounds so familiar to me, rushing to get started and then to realise some fatal errors. But better to catch it early and re-start. I just frogged one ball's worth of a lace shawl yesterday and it felt good to finally accept that it was knitting that went wrong. At least now I can re-start and get it to llok right. And It's defintely not failure (although it sure feels like that most times!), it's just a rather painful detour.
Happy New Year, Janet! The colours of your Ariann are beautiful!

I hear ya!
I don't know how many times I've re-started my current project. What I DO know is that I'm about to throw it out the window.

think nothing of it. it almost always takes me 3 tries to get started and going correctly. but i keep doing it because it relaxes me and keeps me from strangling my students. although the yarn would make that a lot easier. hum...

Recently I was telling my daughter that I had frogged a project for the third time and she said, "Mom, that's why I don't knit. How can you stand to start something over so many times?" Well, for me, it's the process that I like. Yes, I'm excited to see the end project, but it's the process of creating. Whether I've knit something without starting over or something that I've started five times (as long as the yarn holds up...), I'm knitting. And that's what's fun.

I love your Arianne, Janet and I ADORE the yarn! It's so pretty. I'm looking forward to each time that you share your progress.

Have fun!

love and hugs!

So true, Janet. Thanks for the post. I am definitely feeling the failure with one of my projects right now. I am ready to rip it. And, I am okay with that.

Did you enjoy Time Traveler's Wife? Such a unique story, I thought.

Best wishes,

Ugh! I'm sure that was frustrating! I'm learning to live with little mistakes, like starting with 50 stitches and ending with 52. In some projects, it really doesn't matter and definitely isn't worth frogging! Ariann, however, gotta get it right. I have no doubt that you will!

True . . . at least it's not air traffic control. But it is frustrating!

I hated the Denise needles and sold them off lickity split. :) Time Traveler's Wife was so good. I swear I cried for the last 20 pages or so...

I am very familiar with failure. It teaches well when embraced! I agree.

I am sad to say that when failure said its good bye to you, he came and visited me! I told him that he had to go, that I had to much to get done and he was impeading my progress. He was a bit grumpy, but he left. He made no mention of where he was heading but he was sure to say that he was coming for a return visit. So watch out Janet, lock your doors and turn the lights out and act like no one is home!
Its only knitting, that is great!


i thought that I was the only one that frogs like mad in january. I too, would love to know the yarn that you have chosen, the colour is just fantastic