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Kimono Shawl Swatch

I've been working on finishing some small surprises, and while I am in the process of finishing (felting) them, I've started a swatch for my Kimono Shawl


I started the swatch with Size 5 Clover Bamboo Circulars and halfway through, I switched to Crystal Palace Size 5 straight needles (borrowed from my daughter! HA)

I think I prefer knitting lace patterns on straight needles. However, after knitting the swatch and measuring, I'm trying a smaller needle; I purchased extra-long Size 4 Clover bamboo needles to try. It's been a bit odd adjusting to knitting silk after knitting a lot of wool. It's different . . . but I love it so far.

I've also finished the first of my Donyale socks.


Some people can knit a sock a day; I consider one sock in a week my personal best. It's a great pattern - textural and simple and fits my foot beautifully. I also found my new favorite toe-grafting instructions here.

And thanks to either being in my 40's or knitting a lot of socks (or perhaps both), I had to get these last week.


Janet, those socks are gorgeous!! I can almost feel how warm they are. They look really cozy. I can't wait til I can bust out a sock in a week... someday.
p.s. Cute specs!

Those look great on you; the sock, the glasses, and I know the shawl will as well. My excape is turning into a shrug sweater... I think. LOL Hopefully I will get batteries before it is done. :) Enjoy the new yarn, and the second sock.

love the sock. love the color. i am with you, a sock a week is fast for me. and also like you, i love the grafting instructions on knitty. i use them everytime i graft a toe. i can't seem to memorize those instructions at all.

The socks are great - I wouldn't be able to make one a day either. I am curious about your comment about liking lace knitting better with straight needles - is it easier? I haven't tried it - only on circulars as I rarely use straights.

I want to make those socks!
They are beautiful.

Love the nerdy look. :D
Nah, you look very sophisticated, as always.

The glasses look great - as does the scarf you're wearing in that picture. :) And I love that sock - I'll definitely have to knit that pattern sometime.

The shawl swatch looks great, although I agree you should also try it on needles a size smaller to make certain.

I have been putting off getting NEW glasses as I'm afraid they are going to try to sell me bifocals, and I think 43 is too young for that.

Your sock looks great! I love the pattern and the yarn.
I can't wait to see how the lace progresses, it is beautiful!

ack - another pattern to bookmark! those socks are beautiful. and i look forward to watching the progress on your shawl too - very pretty!

Love 'em (the glasses that is, oh, and the socks)! x

I love your glasses! I'm due for new ones - what designer are yours? (I'm such a copycat). The shawl looks lovely, the silk is scrumptious!

That Kimono Shawl is going to be a beauty. That one has been on my list for a while. I look forward to watching yours grow.

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