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Knitting and Insanity

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over
and expecting different results.
Benjamin Franklin

(I agree).

I don't know if my readers have ever noticed that there are some knitting patterns that I've knit a few times. Rather than do the same thing over and over in the same way, I take what I learned from my first one and apply it to the second one (or third -- and so on). So although I'm a repetitious knitter, I'm not an INSANE repetitious knitter.

The Purl Bee Mohair entry reminded me of my first experience knitting with a blended mohair yarn -- Kidsilk Haze. I was instantly smitten. In May 2005, my sister and I visited Knit Cafe and she fell in love with this lace capelet (pronounced "cape-let" and not "cap-uh-let") on one of their mannequins. More of the story here.

I've since knit the third capelet (a much-improved version of my first one pictured in the photo on the blog post linked above) and am still planning to knit a fourth for myself in Kidsilk Haze "Jelly":


Here's a photo of Capelet Three snapped last year (November 2005) in the same color as the too-tight Capelet One:


This is a simple lace pattern knit in the round from the bottom up. The only tricky thing is to make sure you bind off loosely. There's hardly a way to redeem the project if you don't. And, I learned that even though I like the sharper tips of the Denise interchangeable circulars, my gauge was so off compared to the Clover bamboo circulars that I had to frog the entire nearly-finished capelet. Check your gauge after knitting several rounds. I'll be making my own next attempt after I finish at least SOME of my works-in-progress. I'll be keeping it for myself.

Earlier this morning, I cast on a sock. I'm waiting for a bit more sunshine to take a photo of it. I am LOVING it -- and what better way to break out of my knitting slump than with a gorgeous sock.


i'm not usually a fan of capelets, but i have to say, that's beautiful. thanks for the link to the pattern, and to your fos. now i have something to do with some of the frogged mohair from my "to dye for" sweater!

Oh! I love the sock pattern! Another sock to make...hmm.
I like the capelet too! I haven't made one, but that looks like a nice pattern.

Janet! You are so sweet about the capelet! I'm so glad you like the pattern; you take the BEST pictures of it, too. You're right about the bind-off; if you bind off or cast on too tight... what a bummer. I'm so glad you're making one for yourself!

Is that a picture of you?! Wow!! :) Thanks for the link to the sock pattern, too.

I've been thinking about a capelet for some time because it might be the thing to keep my shoulder and arms warm in the air-cond. Seeing your gorgeous version has convinced that I'm on the right track.

I just got some mohair from my secret pal and I was wondering what the heck I was going to knit with it, now I think I have found my answer! It is beautiful. Where can I get that pattern?

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