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On ice

I've been out in it today and it's not Oklahoma- (or Oregon- or New England-) bad. The roads are wet, but not slick. We're just over 35 degrees, so unless it refreezes and stays frozen overnight, we're good to go. I hope I get to see some sunshine soon!

WIth all this weather keeping us inside, you'd think I'd be knitting. But no. I've got nothing.

Meanwhile . . . watch out for falling icicles.

Thank you for the emails and comments with the great podcast suggestions. You'll be the first to know . . .

And this is for my sister Jayne; virtual flowers (with Groovy Girl Oki) till I can send you some fresh ones:



You would do a great podcast! I don't even have an ipod, but I'd have to sell some yarn and buy one if you decide to podcast! Seriously!

Well, pooey, not connecting to youtube. I'll just have to wonder!!

OH MY!!!!!
She is just sooooo adorable.

I love the tulips!! I have my groovy girl too!

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