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Overture to Estonian Lace


Mariann told me about her and Margene blogged about her; she's considered an expert on Estonian handknitting -- so I was glad to be able to work my schedule around taking a workshop/class with Nancy Bush.

My humble little swatch is about to be ripped and reknit. Several knitters completed their small samplers, but I ended up with less stitches than I needed, sloppy edge stitches (not good when one needs to pick up stitches) and pain in my shoulder and back. But enough whining. Even if I hadn't knit a stitch, I was fascinated by what she shared about Estonian knitting. Nancy also brought several Estonian shawls to show and share. I got really comfortable with the provisional (crochet) cast-on. I now know how to make a "nupp" -- exciting stuff, huh?

I still feel anxious and worried about some things but it helped to redirect my thoughts for the day. My words of wisdom -- if you have an opportunity to learn something or to do something you've been wanting to do -- take it. Then pay it forward and help somebody else do the same.


Great words of widsom. I'm glad you enjoyed the workshop!

Oh, lucky you!!! She's on my list to take classes from someday. And I never get as far in those classes as everyone else does, either! I was just thinking about that this morning - I was pretty pathetic in the traveling stitches class I took from Anna Zilboorg last spring, yet here I am, traveling stitches whipping along...

Sounds like it was a great experience. I would love to take that class.

Sounds exciting!!!

I am doing something I always wanted to do and boy, does it feel great. I love coming here and reading your posts. It's very inspiring. :D

Well, you already know how I feel about that! I am so glad you got to take the class! Someday... ;)

Nancy is a wonderful teacher and you'll remember things she said for a long time. Relax and enjoy knitting your swatch and using what you learned!

Your Swatch looks very interesting. I'm thinking of starting the Swallowtail Shawl soon and the nupps have been on my mind.

Glad you enjoyed your class! I would love to have an opportunity to take a class from Nancy Bush; good that you fit it in.

Your words of wisdom remind me of advice from my mother, which is to do something for others when you feel down or anxious to take you out of yourself.

I hope your anxieties lessen.

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