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Felted hot pad and a heart


I knit (and crocheted) this hot pad with Manos that I had leftover from my Santa Fe Ruana. I gifted it to Stephanie of Spritely Goods for participating in and winning the Why Wool? drawing I had in December.

Here's a quick and easy pattern if you're interested in using some stash Manos to make one of your own:

Size 10.5 (US) straight or circular needles
Manos del Uruguay (main color and contrast color)

Cast on 26 stitches (gauge is not critical, but you do want some looseness in between the stitches, so go up a needle size if you need to). Knit garter stitch till you have 22 garter ridges then bind off. With your contrast color, loosely crochet your edging around the hot pad, weave in any loose ends and felt as usual in your top-loading washer. I used the Soak wool wash that I purchased from Stephanie because I love the scent, but a small amount of your favorite wool wash or Dawn dishwashing detergent will work just fine.

And for Sallie, the co-winner, here's another goodie that I hinted about a few blog entries ago:


The pattern was Fiber Trends Heart Felt Expressions and it was a quick knit also. I ran out of yarn and when I had to purchase some additional yarn complete the bowl, Sallie was in the store at the same time. I probably looked like I was up to something . . .

Okay. Stop what you're doing right now and go read about Alicia Paulson's Ripple Afghan.


Ahhh, I love that heart bowl!! I heart the bowl hehehehehe. But the fun item is the Chicken and egg tape measure, where did you get that?! That is fantastic. Lambs Pride felts beautiful too! Thanks for the photos.

I think I'm going to cash in my LYS gift certificate for ripple yarn. That is amazing! And my husband is always saying we need more hot pads...

Very cute - felting is so addictive, isn't it? I especially like that heart!

The pink heart box is so cute.

I just love the felted heart bowl!

I'm wondering who needs felted heart bowls for Christmas this year... Very cool!

WOW - that afghan is amazing! Thanks for the link.

I was totally oblivious to what you were doing that day in the store. I had no clue you were getting more yarn for my prize, so it was a total surprise for me. As I told you earlier, I love the heart bowl. I love the shape, and I love the color. Thank you.

Thanks for the ripple afghan link! Now I have to make one. :)

p.s. Did you check out the random stripe generator she linked to? How many times did you sit there and hit refresh? I wasted a good ten minutes on it!