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In progress - quick knitting and more

I had a lot on my mind this past week, so I needed some quick knitting to make it through and keep my thoughts from wandering, so . . .

I bought yarn and a button for this Sophie last Tuesday and I cast on February 6th. It's drying now and I just have to sew on the button and I'll be ready to start carrying it:


I cast on for the capelet on February 9th, early in the morning (and yes, I'm writing these things in my new notebook so I don't have to rely on my memory):


And for the "someday" knits (not necessarily soon), I've acquired this:


It's Schaefer Anne (above) for future socks and Baby Ull for the Estonian Lullaby Baby Blanket:


There's other knitting going on that I previously blogged about and when I (a) make more progress on them or (b) have a reason to blog about them, I will.

And a footnote, unrelated (somewhat) to knitting:
I've had some frustrations, disappointments and worries lately that are either resolved or in the process of being resolved. I'm learning to let go and to forgive myself for mistakes and failure and move on. I've been so appreciative of your genuine concern -- those who are gracious enough to ask (instead of assume), to check in and act selflessly.

One of my favorite Zimmermann quotations (I never get tired of running across it) recently appeared on Nora's blog at the moment I needed to read it. I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm down -- I'm really not. I'm actually more grateful for things than ever.


Beautiful knitting, as always, Ma'am!

I'm so glad you got good family news this week. That's got to be a monstrous relief.

Very good list of projects and I love the Anne colors.

I still (everyday) read the Jobs quotation I first found here. It helps me stay focused. I hope the Zimmermann one does the same for you. Be good to yourself.

Love the stormtrooper! Sophie and the capelet are looking great. And Anne - ah, I have so much Anne... gorgeous stuff.

I'm glad to hear that things are improving for you!!

Knitting, the cause, and solution to, all of life's problems! Ok, maybe not the cause (and not the original quote from The Simpsons), but glad to hear it is bringing you some happiness.

I'm glad to read that you are doing well. The green capelet is so lovely. I adore that color!

Your knits look great - the stormtrooper is making me laugh! Yesterday my son got a little too fiddly with his lego man in church and a tiny lego head rolled across the aisle during the sermon. I about died!!! I'm sorry you've been going through difficulties. It sounds like you have everything in perspective. Big hugs!

I really like that lace capelet - the pattern is great and so is the color. Really unusual!

Great photos! The capelet is really beautiful. Thanks for providing the link to the pattern.

I hope the stormtrooper lets you use your new bag!

I hope things continue to resolve well.

Is that a wooltrooper?

First time here I believe. Great blog, and great knitting! Will be back again.

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