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Kimono Shawl Notes & Progress

I've gone from swatching to actually starting the Kimono Shawl. I'm having better results with straight needles and I'm much happier with how the lace pattern knits up on smaller needles:


Here's the earlier swatch -- knit on Size 5 circular needles:


I used a cable cast-on for the shawl and I like it much better than the long-tail cast on for this. I'm learning how incredibly different it is to knit with 100% silk both in how the silk has no 'stretch' (i.e. "memory") and the fact that it probably can't be bossed around like wool (and wool blends) can. I've also learned that I shouldn't wet-block 100% silk. Therefore, unless my logic is wrong, I should be considering as I knit this shawl that the lace will end up looking much like it does on the needles. If it's looking too loose and open, it's just going to get MORE loose and open with steam-blocking and wear.

This won't be a "fast" knit for me. I'm already facing having to re-knit a row where I dropped a YO. (Yes, Lauri, I'll start using lifelines!)

For an excellent tutorial on chart-reading and getting comfortable knitting charted lace patterns, look no further than Sara's "Beginning Lace" handout (.pdf). I know now I should have gotten a bit more comfortable with some good lace-knitting habits before casting on for this shawl and I'm going to stop and work on my skills a bit. It's just an area of deficiency for me and knitting lace is not something I should be doing to challenge my inherent "winging it" nature.


I like the results on the smaller needles. The cable cast on looks great!

Can't wait to view the finished product. I know it isn't the same as knitting, but have you ever looked into a loom?

This is beautiful. It may not be a fast knit, but it will be well worth the time spent. I love the pattern.

I like it better with the smaller needles too. I've just noticed that there's a photo on your left hand bar of a pile of knitting that just looks so yummy!

it's so pretty, Janet!
i love the fact that it'll take time. Just think of all the beautiful thoughts that you will knit into it.

Great start! The smaller needles are better. It will be a beautiful shawl.

Learning to knit lace for me has been a series of seemingly no progress and then an all-of-a-sudden skip up to a new level of understanding and ease. Good luck!

The smaller needle version looks great!

At least you're not "winging it" with kidsilk haze! Can you imagine??? Thanks for the pdf link, I'm adding it to my library. The shawl will be lovely - can't wait to see it grow! Hmmm. Knitting is kind of like planting flowers, no?

hi, i'm new to your blog & saw your kimono shawl.. what a beautiful yarn you're using with it! i don't know abt not blocking silk - the 'no sheep for u' book strong recommends it tho...