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Knitting Project Journal

Using Eunny's notebook as inspiration, I am in the process of putting together my own permanent project journal to use in conjunction with my carry-along journal. I already have the binder rings, the paper, chipboard (for the covers) and a 3-hole punch.

I decided that like Eunny's, I wanted half-pages (5.5" x 8.5") so I put together something I could run through my printer and cut in half then 3-hole punch. I have a ton of paper with printed designs on the front and blank on the back (think scrapbook paper). I'll use the blank side for the project journal notes. However, if I use plain paper (blank on the front and back), I'll print the grid on the reverse. If you decide to try out what I'm sharing here, be sure to print the FIRST page only if you don't want the grid. It's here if you want it (it's a .pdf, so you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it and print it).

How does a knitting journal help me? When I start knitting something (anything), whether it's a swatch or beginning a new project, I put it in my notebook with the start date along with details about my yarn and needles used. Even if my knitting gets sidetracked, I'll be able to refer to my notebooks to pick up where I left off and it's also helping when it's time to blog my projects. Your mileage may vary, but this works well for me. The project spreadsheet I started in 2004 was NOT working well. I kept forgetting to update it and it wasn't portable. I'm rep-purposing a lot of supplies I already have around the house, so I'm not suggesting you do your own notebook the same way, but I am recommending that you write things down. If you knit a lot, you can't trust your memory for the details and someday, either you or somebody else will want to know that little tidbit you didn't think was important.

Thank you all for the get well wishes -- most of us are feeling better since starting the antibiotics. I worked yesterday so I didn't get to knit much on the throw/afghan square, but I thought I'd share what I've done since I blogged last:


I'd mentioned the tiny bit of frustration I am having with the thick/thin nature of Manos and while it's not an ideal knitting situation, I am admiring the deep brick color and the texture of this square. I think that when it's finished, I'll love it - the color makes it all worthwhile for me.

And Friday's progress on a baby hat for a preemie:


The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock (Happy Valley colorway) knit on Size 1 Crystal Palace bamboo DPNs. I'm using Knitting Rules as a guide for knitting the preemie hat. For more information about knitting for preemies in general, go visit The Preemie Project.

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The knitting journal is a good idea - I should really do one of those to keep everything in one place. I keep all of my swatches in a bag in my yarn closet, but the notes on what size needles I used, etc. in a word document I use to put notes in. I keep track of my stash on a spreadsheet although I haven't fully populated all the details in it yet. What do you use to track your stash?

The knitting journal is fantastic! What a clever idea. You know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! I am off to Stitches!

I always have good intentions for a knitting journal, but poor follow through. :) I do best making a photocopy of the pattern and annotating that as I go, then saving the annotated copy with the original.

The Manos is indeed a really cool brick red.

Beautiful knitting as always, Janet! I am also putting together a knitting journal of sorts because you are ABSOLUTELY right about not being able to trust memory. I tried several formats, and I too am repurposing! I am using file folders and a hanging file box arrangement that I had been using for recipes. I like to spread out, so smaller journal formats were not working for me. So far, this is working for me, but I still try to keep too much in my head. You would think that as a bench research scientist for 20 years I would know better than to think I'll just remember everything!

I'm glad the antibiotics are working.

I enjoy all the passion you put into your knitting. It really is apparent that you love putting all these little stitches together.

Thanks for the journal pdf. I've been keeping a journal of sorts of most of my projects but I'm not as diligent as I should be. Maybe this will help keep me on track.

I'm so glad you didn't get full-blown strep and it's good to hear that everyone is feeling better.

I love the premmie hat.

Thanks for the link to Eunny's Notebook and your own paper format. I'm a notebook fetishist myself, and, coincidentally, I just started a new one (in my standby, Moleskine plain journal) last night, but I've clearly got to rethink the whole thing. Thanks for the inspiration. I'd love to see some pics of your journal work sometime.

Love the LLs hat - it's the perfect colour for a baby.

That knitting journal is a GREAT idea! Too many times I think, oh, I'll remember what needle size, yarn, and pattern I used for this or that project ... right!