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Knitting with a side of strep

Would you like fries with that?

I hate that I feel like I'm becoming a strep expert, but we've had enough of it around here and 66.666666667% of us are on antibiotics and some of us are on steroids. Although I have the mildest symptoms and very little discomfort, I agreed to start the antibiotic regimen as well because I don't want to get it any worse than I have it and I KNOW I've been exposed and am in danger of exposing others.

My knitting is manic right now and it's helping. Reading about knitting is helping. Reading knitting blogs is helping most of all. Keep knitting, y'all, because I am tired of hearing and reading about Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears (and OH YEAH, I have an opinion about both of them and the drama involved along with some inside scoop, but this is a knitting blog).

(Unwashed, unblocked swatch)

OMIGOSH I love this yarn more every time I use it. I'm swatching for when I receive my Sarah Dallas book so I can knit a throw similar to Alison's and I want this Fuchsia to be the predominant color.

Manos del Uruguay Brick; washed and blocked

I've also already started knitting a throw/afghan consisting of 12 patterned blocks. I decided to do this in one color - the Brick color instead of twelve different colors (too much thinking). I got the required gauge with Size 8 Clover Bamboo circulars. My plan is to try to average a block a month in order to have a finished throw in December. It's not a project I'll hurry to finish but it's something I can pick up and work on when I'm watching television.

For some reason, the thick- and thin-ness of Manos is bothering me a little bit this time. It blocks out fine, but while I'm knitting, it irks me . . . just a bit. I'm halfway through the first block, the Textured Rib, and then I'll try to finish another block before the end of the month. If you're paying attention, you'll notice that I've abandoned the Santa Fe Ruana I started last year. I exchanged all my unused Manos for the Brick colorway and frogged the half panel that I'd already knit on my ruana.

I've been on a mission to organize my project notes as well. More on that tomorrow (along with a freebie I'll share). But if you've been reading this far (proving you have the time on your hands), go read this entry that just popped up in my Bloglines notifier. "Don't overthink."


Oh, that looks like a good blog entry - thanks!

And get/stay healthy!!! Sounds like yet another household that needs a "Plague House" welcome mat... ;)


Do Not Get Sick.
Do Not Get Sick.
Do Not Get Sick!

Strep just SOUNDS awful! Blech! Good thing you're making it stay very far away!

oooo i'm drooling - a throw made entirely from Manos? lovely!

and i hope you feel better really soon - I'm sendiing anti-strep thoughts your way :)

I like the Brick colorway of the Manos. I've never made anything with it so I guess I didn't even know it has a thick and thin texture when knitting it. Cash Iroha is kinda like that too and it bugged me a little.

Come on- do tell - what do you think of Britney and Anna Nicole? My opinions are 1.) trainwreck - give it up and 2.) leave the poor woman alone already.

The blog entry you directed us to was pretty powerful and very true. Wow.

As far as Manos, I am not a huge fan of it. I much prefer Malabrigo, it is softer and you get about 80 more yards. The Malabrigo from my LYS is $4 cheaper than Manos too. However Manos and Malabrigo both have GREAT colors. I did a Irish Hiking scarf in Malabrigo, Dusty colorway, it is not on my blog yet.
And since you have been using Lambs Pride and blogging your projects you have gotten me to make some Lambs Pride purchases. I can't wait to use it! You are still one of my knitting idols.

No fair. I always read your entries to the end because you often throw in a tidbit, great link or bit of wisdom at the end! :o)

Thank you for the link. Definitelysomething I consider often and work on. Or try to. :) And you crack me up with your inside information and no place to put it. *giggle*

I was NOT trying to be heartless. I DO hope you ALL get better soon. We have not had to face that monster, but I remember passing it back and forth as a child with my brother.

Avoid Strep at all costs. I had it last March and had to go to Urgent Care and get an IV because I couldn't swallow. I was spitting in a plastic cup! After a bag of fluids, some painkillers and a dose of antibiotics I left there swallowing and feeling human again. DON'T GET STREP!!!

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