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In no time at all, this . . .


became this:




Happy 18th birthday, Erica


What a beautiful daughter! Best wishes to her for the coming year!

I bet she's glad she no longer has you putting a bow on her forehead. She would look lovely in a capelet!

Happy birthday, Erica! Look out world! :) Janet, how can you and your daughter look the same age? Not fair! ;)

She's beautiful! Happy Birthday to her!

Seems like just yesterday she was winning Braums coloring contests!

Happy Bday, Miss E!

Happy, Happy Birthday to Erica! (she and my Molly are the same age!)
18! WOW!
She is so lovely - she looks just like you.
Hope she has a blast celebrating!

p.s. i want to comment on the previous entry but my mind isn't clear enough right now to write coherently.

Happy birthday, Erica!

You have a daughter who is 18??!!!!!?? Oh my, I never would have guessed. She is lovely.

OH, she is YOU! :) As much as, I am sure, she is not, but she IS beautiful! Happy birthday Erica!!!

Wow! Erica is a beautiful girl! (Just like her mom.)

She looks so much like you in that profile photo - you are both *so* beautiful! I can't wait to meet her in person.

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