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Finished Object: Knitting Pure & Simple Little Girl Sundress

We likes it!


Too cute!! I adore the color and your stitches look perfect!

Very cute! Such a pretty pink. The bear looks quite pleased. The tension is perfect!

For some unknown reason this picture makes me laugh. So cute!

So sweet!

It's adorable!! Great model. Very well-behaved.

Oh how cute! You and I are on the same wave length, I have a sun dress on the needles for my niece! Yours is fantastic.

That is so cute and sweet! and it looks just perfect on the bear!

Dress is wonderful, and I have to say the display is TOO cute. :D

LOL I love the dress and the model.

Absolutely adorable! I wish I had someone to knit this for.

Oh! It's too cute! My eyes, my eyes!

Seriously, I love it.

Janet it looks great!! So, so cute. I love it on the bear. Can't wait to see it hanging in the shop.

That is just too cute. Love the model!

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