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Knitting Pure & Simple Jumper Jamboree

My coworkers knit this wonderful set of sundresses from a Knitting Pure and Simple pattern:

(clicking on this photo will enlarge it)

We were each given the broad guideline of choosing a cotton or cotton-blend yarn to knit these. I shared with you all the trouble I'd had with mine (prior to frogging and reknitting) and I was able to overcome it and end up with something satisfying. I enjoyed the pattern enough to make a Silk Garden version with a ruffle -- it can be worn as a top. Now I just have to knit the pants to go with it.

So here are mine with the others:


Pattern: Little Girls Sundress or Jumper- Knitting Pure & Simple #266
Yarn: Plymouth Jeannee - 2 skeins (retail price is under $4 USD per skein)

And this little bundle of soft laceweight yarn came home with me yesterday:


It was insanely economical and I saw something knit with the red version -- amazing! Last night I cast on for a Dragon Scale Scarf and confirmed that I totally do not have a quiet, lace-knitting environment even when I have a straightforward pattern. I also decided that I can't go another day without some Addi Lace needles.

Thank you all for humoring me with the Maker vs. Designer discussion. I know that many of us are called to creative endeavors outside of knitting, as am I. I just reject the idea (from the book) that we need to go to great lengths and take several weeks to determine what we are called to do. I believe we either know it or we don't -- that is, on a daily basis, we are either avoiding it or embracing it.


Isn't the lace weight Malabrigo just yummy! I have been eyeing it myself for a while now. That blue is really beautiful. Good for you!

That's precisely why my Flower Basket Shawl is stalled! Lace is still new to me and I need a lot of concentration or I un-knit more than I knit!

I agree with you about our decisions being more action-oriented - we are the sum of our actions each day.

Those are so cute!! I just mailed your little package. :)

The blue lace weight is gorgeous! It will look wonderful in that scarf pattern. I like the clothes line of sundresses in the shop! My LYS doesn't have enough room for such a display.

What a festive display. You guys did a wonderful job!

Lovely lace yarn. :D

Those dresses are precious!

those are beautiful! Makes me wish I could knit. For a minute or two. ;-)

oh, these look wonderful, all lined up!

How many balls of Silk Garden did you use for the second one?

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